Help with a colour ID

  1. I know Lauren Conrad's First is a subject of debate... but, is it a Lilac or Bubblegum Pink?


    It seemed to be more pink in the episode. Anyone have a definitive answer? :confused1:

    And, what shade is the bag LL has in this shot?


    I can't believe I'm using her as an inspiration for a possible purchase, but, you know what they say... "love the bag, not the owner." ;)
  2. Not sure about the Lauren one but I think LL's city is an 04 lilac.
  3. Wow, everyone seems to say both bags are Lilac and not one of the pink shades. I think I need my eyes checked more than a bbag :wtf:
  4. It's really pretty impossible to tell with that photo. It could be bubblegum pink '05, rose '04, or lilac '04. I'm guessing BubbleGum Pink '05.