help with a college bag?


Best college bag?

  1. Lockit Horizontal

  2. Saleya MM

  3. Cabas Mezzo

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  1. So far I only have handbags (generally small ones) in my LV collection, so I'm looking for something that I can use for school, but also as a regular everyday bag when I don't have something that can potentially carry 1-2 notebooks and a textbook, but doesn't look too big/bulky as a purse. I had a BV before but sold it, as I just couldn't get used to the feel of far I've narrowed it down to a Lockit Horizontal, Saleya MM, and Cabas Mezzo. Which one do you guys think would fit my needs?
  2. IMO the Cabas Mezzo. It zips so you can throw your wallet into the main compartment and not worry. You can throw a sweater in or a sweatshirt for the classes where the air conditioning is too high. You can carry a change of shoes, a snack when you have back to back classes and cannot get to the cafeteria. The Mezzo is classic, sturdy, comfortable on the shoulder and you can use it to travel when you are done with college. Also, it is big but lays pretty flat against the body when you carry it.

    And also, the straps lay flat on the Mezzo. On the Lockit Horizontal the handles are rolled.... so probably not as comfortable on the shoulder. I don't like the Saleeya. It just doesn't have enough style. Looks too ordinary.
  3. ITA with the Cabas Mezzo- it's comfy on the shoulder and roomy enough to hold all that you'd need. I don't think the Lockit or Saleya's rolled handles would be as comfortable on the shoulder.
  4. Agree with the above....cabas mezzo.
  5. Saleya

    perfect for college life
  6. Saleya :smile:
  7. thanks guys...but do you think the mezzo can be carried as a regular everyday bag (without books)?
  8. Yes! I use my Mezzo as an everyday bag with a large purseket. I love it!! You will need to be careful with it because of the vachetta bottom, but I don't think that it's too hard to keep clean. Just don't put it down on the floor - hang it from your chair when your at school.
  9. I like the cabas mezzo, I think it's perfect for what you need it for.
  10. Def. cabas mezzo! Like others have said, the rolled handles will probably get uncomfortable after a long day of classes, especially from carrying around books and such. It's also a great everyday bag size!

    If you want something with no vachetta, tho, the Saleya MM is a good alternative...
  11. Cabas Mezzo would be the best choice IMO:smile:.
  12. I have the saleya MM and use it for class and traveling. It holds a ton and I love it! Go for the Saleya
  13. Cabas Mezzo.
  14. I personally think that a bag that's going to act as one for school should close, even though I love open top bags, so my choice would be the Saleya. Good luck with your decision.
  15. I voted for the mezzo because it has flat handles and i don't think the rolled handles would be that compfortable on the shoulder with heavy things in it