Help with A christmas present..

  1. My sister wants this backpack made by Valentina...Ive looked and found used ones on eBay...but she wants there a valentina web site or is the brand made under another name?

  2. I've never heard of Valentina bags. Are you sure that it's not Valentino?
  3. I never heard if them either until my sisiter mentioned it...then I checked on eBay and yes they are a real and leather too...its spelled valentinA ...Ive checked and cant find a site that actually sells them...they are supposedly made in Italy...she so wants this back pack.

  4. They carry these at Winners (in Canada). I have seen them there. TJ Maxx is Winners' sister company so I'm assuming you could find one there. Good luck! Let us know if you find one!
  5. I've seen a number of Valentina bags in Marshalls and TJMaxx stores in the US. If there is one near you, you could try there.
  6. thanks all. Im in Ontario so we we just have winners...NOW its time for me to shop,....can you advise me of an online handbag site that sends up to Canada? Im looking for a purse that says "me" :smile:
  7. Try They specialize in Italian bags, and it's very authentic.