Help with a Chloe Paddington Search Please?

  1. Hi everyone!

    I am a brand new member and I am desperately searching for a Paddington for the spring, I like the white, cream and tan ones. I am absolutely in love with these bags!!

    Does anybody know of any reputable sites online that sell them or any authentic sellers on eBay that happen to have any at the moment?

    If anyone happens to run across any deals, I would love the link. Thanks so much in advance! I'm hoping to start my Chloe family soon! :yes:
  2. msjenn - is a good reputable seller. And, word on the street is that they'll be going on sale soon, so if you wait a few weeks and act quickly, you could probably get a good deal.
  3. NAP has Chloe bags. I thought I saw some light colored ones too. If you can wait some of them do go on sale but probably after summer.
  4. Elizabeth Thomas and Roz7777 (I may not have all her 7s) on eBay are very trustworthy.

    Your first job will be to figure out what color white, you should search on the thread that explains all the variations,i.e. craie & sable (older colors), sand, blanc (avail now), vanilla, etc. all have different undertones.

    Then select some possible models, regular satchel, mini satchel, hobo, etc.
  5. :true:

    Post to the Authentic thread and we will all do our best to help validate the ebay bag you get is genuine Chloe merchandise.

    IMHO, the pre-loved bags are sooo much more a) DESIRABLE and b) reasonably priced than the new ones :yes:

    Good luck!

  6. Roz on ebay is roz77772002. She's terrific and can find you just about anything:smile: Always the real deal! :wlae: