Help with a balenciaga???

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  1. I am unsure what balenciaga to get. I think I want the work but then part of me says to get the part-time. I always carry big bags. This will be my first balenciaga. I have chloe, LV, Gucci, Chanel, Fendi and Dior. I am planning on getting a magenta from the SS08 collection, probably the work. So I was thinking for now going into fall but I also want something that I can use all year round. Should I get the work or the part-time? Should I get black, steel or violet? (or any other color suggestions you have) And should I get RH or SGH?? I wear mostly black, some gray, some white, a little bit of color and a lot of denim. Also does the work easily go over your shoulder once it has your things inside?? All sugesstions appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. I can't really help you with size, because it really depends on what you do carry and what you may carry. Ditto on the work handle size, I am a Twiggy kind of girl myself. Are you close to a Bal retailer that you could go and see them in person? Honestly, when I was looking at Twiggys the first time, the SA told me to put my stuff in one. That totally did it for me and I could see what the bag would look like with my stuff in it.

    If you really tend to stick to a neutral wardrobe, then definitely go with Violet, it will be that *pop* of colour against your clothes, but it's not too loud either! If Violet would be too much, then my second choice would be Steel, it's subdued, but it makes you do a double take. Black ... noo, it's dark grey! Lovely. Also because you can get black every season, so get a colour that you won't be able to get in future!

    RH vs GH, again, a tough one, it's such a personal preference. Personally I don't care for the GH, but the SGH on the Violet is just stunning, even if I wouldn't carry it myself.

    I wish you well,

  3. Bridget thanks for the advice!! I think I am going to try and get the violet if not the steel!!
  4. i would say steel or violet.
    if you carry big bags (as i do) the buy a part-time. You'll have one work style next season when you'll buy the magenta.
    i don't like too much GH (anyway a like more S than G) so i'd say RH!
  5. Part-time is a nice size.
  6. jroos - I just got the part time in Tomato. See: .

    I had originally gone to Barneys, Seattle to see the Steel/Plomb Work with the GGH. I really like that color combo. I don't think the bag itself is too big, but the handle was too small to carry it on my shoulder comfortably...if I wore a coat. Why, oh why does this style NOT have a shoulder strap? Especially since you can easily fit a laptop inside and lots of other stuff. The shoulder strap would help distribute the weight. I was so torn, but the part time has a shoulder strap, and the tomato color was droolworthy.

    If you want that plomb work give Barneys a call, bbags go fast here.
  7. Thanks girls! Well it's going to be the steel or the violet for sure. I am starting to lean towards the parttime but I haven't completly made up my mind yet!! Thanks for all the advice!!
  8. How heavy is a authentic Balenciaga 2007 Plomb GGH Work??
  9. Pt gsh
  10. City RGGH
  11. old thread????:confused1:::nogood: