Help with a bag

  1. I saw a bag and do not know the name of it. It was black leather with silver chain, fits over the shoulder, has black leather on the shoulder part of the chain and had CHANEL on the front of it in silver. Any help is appreciated, I am trying to locate one and would love to know the name of it so when I call I don't sound like a dork, thanks for any help!!
  2. Where did you see the bag? HMM, that one doesnt ring a bell. Was it a flap ?large or small? Give us more details so we can help you.
  3. I saw it on Hillary Duff's 2nd episode of her reality TV show on MTV. I have seen it in the stores before too, but I don't know the name or line it is from....
  4. do a search for Rock & Chic, I know she has at least one of those:yes:
  5. YES that's it, thanks Swanky !!
  6. YEA!! It's a great bag, but it's sort of delicate.
  7. Oh really? How so, as in the leather scratches easily? Also do you know if it is still available? Thanks!
  8. yes, it's lamb so it will scratch easier than some other bags. It should still be available I'd imagine.
    There's a beautiful eggplant color.