Help with 1st hermes purchase

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  1. Hi ladies

    I'm heading to Malaysia & Singapore in 2 weeks! I'm from Australia so luxury stuff are very expensive so thought I would save a little by buying my luxury item overseas :smile:
    I'm a Hermes noob!!!

    I'm looking to purchase my 1st Hermes
    Maybe a handbag/ wallet

    Any suggest for a $4000-$5000Aud budget?
    I was think a garden party!
    Anything else you ladies think would be nice!

    Thank you in advance!
    Can't wait to see your suggestions :biggrin:
  2. I hope you have a wonderful and safe trip! What about an Evelyne and a few scarves?
  3. How fun that you are planning to buy your first H. item :yahoo:!

    Honestly, I wouldn't go for a wallet. Definitely go for a bag. Garden Party is a nice bag, but the Picotin is also very nice IMO.

    Are you looking for a handbag or a shoulderbag? Is it going to be your everyday bag or not?

    But, maybe the best thing to do is to visit some stores and see what they have available. Then you can play with some goodies to see what works for you ;).
    In case you would be interested in a clutch as well, you might want to check out the Medor or the Egee clutch. Both are fabulous. Then you would have some money left for a beautiful H. cashmere shawl or maybe a nice silk scarf. Or a bracelet. So many options, best thing is to check out the stores to see what you like :smile:.

    Have a great trip and I am already looking forward to see your reveal :graucho:!

  4. Great Advice, though I do think a Constance Long Wallet would be lovely. Enjoy your trip and travel safely.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions ladies!

    I think I'm looking for a everyday bag. Something that will go with any outfit!
    I'm more of a shoulder bag! But I don't want to limit myself!!

    But I do love clutches!!

    I don't really where scarves or shawl so I don't think I will use it very often which would be such a waste for a beautiful scarves/shawls like Hermes!

    What do you ladies think would be a good first Hermes handbag purchase within my budget?

    Lol I wish I could afford a birkin!
    Is there something that looks like that in my price range ( dreaming )
  6. I would also suggest a picotin or perhaps a massai don't know the price now but thing is theese bags I find much better in craftsmanship and leather the GP I find a bit too simple and machine made that said I think darling and this is just me but I think I would buy a bag that you really find useful and well GP are useful!!!! Hope it helps birkel.

    P.S maybe consider a vintage Kelly To me the best bags Hermes ever made are vintage Now And in all honesty if you research good vintage shops or something I think you may find a beauty !!!!
  7. thumbs up! go vintage :smile: or check out an evelyn. its an everyday bag thats also quite versatile IMO
  8. i would suggest a massai 40. i'm 5'2 and fell in love with it the moment i tried it on as opposed to just looking at pics. i didn't get it because it's not my color (rose de bois).

    i too am a shoulder bag girl. i find the evelyne gm3 heavy (because of the buckle on the adjustable strap). i bought it sight unseen. maybe if i'd had gotten a gm2 (w/o adjustable strap) i'd have a diff opinion. my sil has a gm1 (non adjustable strap and has no pocket outside) and it's so light.

    can't wait for your reveal!
  9. I also think that the massai is a good choice for a first bag to begin your H collection. Very versatile. Good luck!
  10. Massai would be a good choice since you like shoulder bags. GP also come in a shoulder bag now but it is only in canvas. I am waiting for them to make the GP shoulder in leather cause I want to use it as a diaper bag:smile: Good luck and have a great time!
  11. Such a hard a choice! Can not wait to see the bags in real life?

    What do you guys think about the Herbag do they still make those?
    A black one would be lovely
    Anything similar to that style?

    Sorry for the newbie question!
    I'm very new to Hermes!

    Thanks :smile:
  12. Saw a beautiful So Kelly in RC with RT interior at taka on tue, it's 8000SGD so it might be in your budget?
  13. Hi! This is so exciting that you are traveling and planning your first H purchase. I definitely would recommend a Picotin. It was my first H bag too and I still adore her and wear her more than my birkins. I am constantly stopped by strangers complimenting me on this bag and I always feel amused and smile when that happens. Not sure why the compliments take me by surprise... but they just do! Love, Love the picotin!! Good luck and safe travels!:smile:
  14. first and foremost enjoy your travel... Im a big Kelly fan here... But im thinking with your budget, i will go Bolide or lindy!!! Or maybe save your money until you can get the bolide or lindy?
    I travelled 3 times last year and tried these on: Evelyne, Jypsiere, Bolide, Toolbox, Kelly SO and they didn't really look good on me... no K or B in sight.. so i ordered preloved from Haute gallery - my first kelly in black box. and up to now... love love her!!!
    I need more kellys and maybe 1-2 Birkin...
    Also a constance is very pretty ..
  15. Massai is a great choice! I love mine (Massai cut 32). It has two straps, one for shoulder and one for cross body. I would definitely buy a bag rather than a wallet.