Help with 1st Chanel purchase

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  1. Hi all! I recently have fallen in love with this bag, the small boy in metallic lambskin & gold tone hardware. I've spent a lot of time reading, but I still have some questions and want to make sure I'm understanding up-to-date information :smile:

    First, is it even possible to get this bag? Has anyone seen it anywhere? I've scrolled through a few threads for this collection, but never saw it mentioned.

    I don't have a boutique near me, so what is the best route to finding if it is in stock anywhere? Do I just start calling around to boutiques? I've seen people mention that they somehow get a list of everywhere an item is available?

    Also, I've only purchased earrings from their Beverly Hills boutique before and don't have any contact for the SA. I'm not sure if this matters?

    Thanks in advance for any help!! I absolutely love this bag and would love for it to be my very first Chanel

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  2. I usually email or call customer service from the website and they look up for me where the item I'm looking for is in stock and can also provide me with a phone number of that exact boutique then
  3. Ooooooohhhhh gorgeous!!
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