HELP! wisdom teeth? OW OW OW!

  1. Umm... so yesterday I had a headache so I took some tylenol and didnt think much of it. A little later in the day it kind of moved down lower, like on my cheekbone. I used to get migraines all the time in high school, so I figured I was just having a bad day or something, so I just took some IB profin ever 4 hours.

    but this morning... I woke up with my right side of my face ON FIRE! :censor: :censor: :censor: I felt with my tongue and i can feel the a tooth now in the back of my mouth on the right side. my upper jaw really, REALLY hurts. SO I just took more medication, but ummm, so I have to confess, I hate the dentist. TERRIFIED of going. I combat having to spend too much time there by having an extremely good regimine of oral hygenie. I dont wannnnnnaaaaaa go! but it hurts so much! help!

    I need comfort! solace! words that say getting your wisdom teeth out will make my life better! the dentist is closed for the weekend, so I'm going to have to endure with IBprofin until Monday (which btw is the first day of my last semester at undergrad for me. can you even THINK of a worse time for this to happen?)

    If anyone has had theirs out- what do they do? does it hurt? will I be Ok to go to school that day? is it done in a hospital? :wtf: :hysteric:
  2. I just got mine out last Wednesday. The dentist is my #1 fear and I was sobbing as they put me to sleep. I almost called twice to cancel.

    All of that said, it really was not bad. I didn't feel a thing.

    Your dentist will refer you to an oral surgeon and he'll set up a day to take them out in his office. I wouldn't recommend going to school that day, you'll need to take lots of pain meds and they made me really tired. I would take one every four hours and would sleep two or three hours out of those. Make sure you take your first pain pill BEFORE the novocaine wears off and then every four hours, and you will feel no pain. You might be able to do stuff the next day, but I would try and schedule an appointment on a day when you won't have any classes, and the next day isn't really busy either. I stopped taking my pain pills on the second day and just took a bunch of Advil, so I could have driven, but if you're on the pain pills you can't drive anywhere (not sure if you live on campus or what). The third day I was pretty much back to normal, I went into work for a little bit and went to my BF's house that night.

    Also, ask your surgeon if he gives you a shot for swelling. I got one and did not swell at all (I only used ice packs on the first day too). I had two friends get theirs out the same week as mine and they were quite swollen for a few days. They didn't get one. I really haven't heard about any other surgeon doing this, so ask! I think it might be new. It really made my experience so much better -- one of my friends was so swolen she had trouble swallowing pills and stuff.

    If you have any other questions, please ask! :smile: Good luck with the new semester, I start back at school on Monday too!
  3. thanks so much for that info! I feel a lot better... I'm just so terrifed of the dentist... *whimpers*

    it's just on me now I guess. damnit, the WHOLE summer was free for me. why does this have to happen right now?
  4. Just make sure an oral surgeon, not your dentist, performs the procedure. I had my teeth pulled about 7 years ago and it really is no big deal. The worst part of it for me was the vicodin, it make me sick.
  5. I've got a wisdom tooth that's probably going to have to come out too, so this is interesting for me to read. It started to come up three years ago, and its still only partially erupted. I had awful tooth ache a couple of weeks ago, and my jaw just isn't long enough for the whole thing. I've never even had a filling before (touch wood), so I'm scared. :sad:
  6. If you can feel or see a cusp of your tooth it seems like you have developed a pericoronitis ( an infection of the mucosa due to the fact that the wisdom tooth is very difficult to get cleaned). Until a doctor can see you , you should use oral antiseptic (Listerine , Oral B) and local anesthethic you could buy over the counter and take ibuprofen .
    Once the acute phase is over , you can remove the tooth.
    I hope you will feel better soon:heart:
  7. I had mine taken out in March, and trust me - you'll be glad that you did!

    I had no problems with mine, but my bottom right wisdom tooth was impacted (the others were fully out) and it was starting to decay, so my dentist and oral surgeon recommended that I have them removed.

    I am absolutely terrified of needles, and when I heard that I was going to be put under general anesthesia, I freaked out and read every story on the internet that I could about having wisdom teeth removed. I scared myself to death and by the time my appointment came around, I walked into the office crying.

    My doctor and the nurses calmed me down a bit, and once she got the IV in my hand (she was very good, and didn't hurt too bad!) and the anesthesia started to work, I was good! I kinda woke up in the middle of the operation and groaned a bit, but they just shot more stuff up my IV and I was back to happy land.

    20 minutes later, I was finished! I was able to walk to the car and I felt pretty good. They gave me a nice ice pack that wrapped around my head. It was great. My mouth was stuffed with gauze, and I took a couple of pieces out when I got home, and just left a few over my holes and clamped down.

    The first day, I was very tired and couldn't eat or drink anything without becoming nautious. They also told me to use a salt water rinse, but I couldn't...I can't stand the taste of salt water, so I just used the Periorinse that they gave me. The second day was okay, and the bleeding finally stopped. I was able to eat chicken noodle soup (minus the chicken) and some broccoli soup. YUM! I was so freaking hungry, it tasted delicious!

    I took my Motrin's for about 4 days, never had to take a Vicodin. I never experienced any pain, but I took the Motrin as a "just in case".

    On the 4th day, I was already eating french fries and chicken nugets (but very slowly). I paid extra attention not to suck out of a straw or do anything that could cause a dry socket. THat was my biggest fear and thank god I didn't get one!

    The next week, I was back at the oral surgeons to get my stitches taken out. The hole had grown pretty much closed (still had some healing to do on the inside) and all but 1 of my stitches had dissolved on their own.

    After that, I was still a bit scared to eat sollid foods, but everything's going well :smile:

    My holes still aren't all the way healed, but that will take quite a while for the bone to heal, etc.

    :smile: Hope my experience helps!
  8. I had mine out when I was in junior high. They took the two from my lower jaw out in one procedure. I have to go to an oral surgeon for it. Thank goodness they did give me enough anasthesia to knock me out. Within 8 seconds of getting the shot, I was out cold. I woke up a couple hours later and the pain didn't set in until much later. however, they did give me some pain killers AND I get to eat ice-cream and milkshake for a good while!!! The bad part was that I look like a chipmunk for about 1 week or so.

    My sister's experience was not as positive. The guy who was in charge of giving her anasthesia did NOT give her enough. They knocked her out for a while and then she WOKE UP when they were still in the middle of the procedure!!! She could feel every second of the PAIN but she couldn't say anything or move:wtf: . Basically, they didn't put enough anasthesia to knock her out, only enough to IMOBILIZE her. it was pretty horrible and when my sister complained after the surgery, the dentist was like, "You didn't say anything." Well, she couldn't say anything, but she could feel it.

    Anyways, just make sure you find a GOOD surgeon with a GOOD anesthesiologist who knows wha he/she is doing. If you do, it shouldn't be too bad.:yes:
  9. Good luck to you. I had 5 (yes, five) wisdom teeth that all have to be surgically removed. Just remember to take your pain medicine before the novocaine wears off. Also avoid using straws due to the dry socket risk (I heard this is awful but I didn't get any myself).

    Is there an on call dentist who can call in some pain medicine for you? I hope you don't suffer all weekend!
  10. Go to an oral surgeon, not a dentist, I had a dentist remove one it was aweful, and oral surgeon removed the next three - it was easy.

    Its not a big deal but I'd get it done asap - the pain will only get worse and may be aggrivated if you fly - plus you will have to wait sometime before you schedule it.
  11. I waited three years to take mine out, boy I wish I done it sooner. It's really not a big deal.

    Good luck!!
  12. I think that could be why my experience and my sister's were so different. I went to an oral surgeon, she went to a dentist.

    And I agree, definitely get this done ASAP. Actually I've been told that the younger you get those teeth pulled, the faster you recover and less painful.
  13. mocean, i'm sorry your in pain.
    I've had my wisdom teeth out by my dentist. Depending on the technique the dentist or oral surgeon uses, depends on the pain. I had a surgical technique which means it faster to heal providing they sew up the socket. The day of the surgery was painful but the next day was only sensitive and got better each day. What tends to happen is some dentist/ oral surgeon don't sew up the socket which causes food to get in there and then you might have more pain. Also if they don't drill some of the bone and infection away inside the socket and doesn't cause it to bleed you may get a dry socket. From what i've heard can be worst than the pain you receive after surgery. Hopefully your dentist will do all these things to prevent it from happening.Goodluck
  14. I agree. I went to an oral surgeon, too, and was put under for the procedure. I first went to a regular dentist who diagnosed me and referred me to the surgeon. I had all four teeth taken out at once in 2000, during the week of my spring break junior year. My case was pretty bad because I had all of them done at once and 2 were impacted, but it'll depend on how your teeth are positioned. I was given prescriptions for all of these painkillers, but I got through the week on Advil. I'm not going to lie and say it was easy, but you'll be in better shape because you practice such good oral hygiene. It's better to just get it over with and find out what you're dealing with. Once they're out, that's it! You're done! Good luck and keep us posted.
  15. Well when I got my wisdoms pulled the actual pulling of th teeth weren't so bad, it was my reaction to the anesthesia that really got me. So in addition to having had two teeth pulled I was absolutely sick to my stomach! Like constant nausea and vomiting! Why I chose to go under is beyond me, I guess I was so scared to get them pulled I figured that being unconscious would be best.

    After my experience needless to say my sister opted for the oral anesthesia and was fine.

    I'm like you, I hate, hate, hate going to the dentist and anything I can do to avoid it I'll do. But the sooner you get those babies out the better! Don't worry about, you'll be fine ;)