Help! Wine or Violet Stella for a vacation bag?

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  1. I'd take the violet Stella, unless your comfort level with the wine Stella is so much more that you'll feel best with her at your side. I would choose the violet because it's just so summery!

    Even though the Stellas are nicer bags, and you might worry a bit more, feeling good about yourself is worth it. I completely understand what you mean about "bag armor" - but thought I was surely the only person who "needs" her favorite bag (or perfume or whatever) when feeling a bit insecure. :smile:
  2. If it's a romantic holiday, you need something Red! Also, if the wine Stella has been your favorite and is well worn and everything, I think she deserves this holiday. She should be with you on this special occasion! And I don't think planes are that dirty, anyways.
  3. Aww, thanks everyone! I think the wine stella won me over. ;) It's been on a plane before so I'm comfortable with that.
    I have to finish packing!
    Thanks again! :heart:
  4. TBH I'd take the lesportsac. No sense in worrying about your prized Stella(s) Have fun Dawn!!

    OOPs, sorry Dawn, Wine Stella is perfect too! LOL
  5. I would go with the lesportsac..they are great travel bags...light and you don't have to worry about it getting dirty!! congrats on your vaca!!!
  6. Yay for Stella! She's gonna luuuuuv the sun! ;)
  7. I was in San Souci last year. The place is gorgeous! Just be ready to walk up and down a LOT of steps. The resort is built into the side of a cliff. I got a massage in one of the rooms over the ocean. I swear you could see forever. Also they have a giant Sea Turtle named Charlie. I fed her a couple of times. She is a ham and will pop her nose out of the water to pose for pics. I know you will have a great time no matter which purse you decide to use. :P

  8. I would say the Wine Stella and the Le Sportsac.... I always travel with a Le Sportsac as well, but I need a little MJ to make me feel at home while away on a vacation!

    Have fun in Jamaica! I wish you could bring me something back. ;) Photos would be fab!!
  9. Ooh Jamaica, how fun!

    I would take the LeSportSac just so I wasn't driving myself nuts the whole time.

    Is there any way you can pack one of your Stella's so you can have her on vacation without using her on the plane? I think that might be my ideal situation.