Help! Will elux exchange this?

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  1. I just received a Damier Tango from eluxury and the side seams are completely misaligned! I know with some of the Damier models this can't be helped, like the pouchette. But this is a simple bag, I would think the side seams should be aligned. I thought I would check with you all before calling elux, to see if I have an argument. Thanks for your help!!
  2. You can basically exchange an eLuxury for any reason if you haven't used the bag, but they might send you another one that had the same problem as before.
  3. You could always return it and order another one, bu there's no guarantee the new will be any different. The only way to be 100% sure is to go to a boutique and hand-pick one.
  4. Yeah agree with the other two. Thats why I like my boutique experience you can inspect the bag before taking them home.
    Elux only has shipping people shipping whatever order they have. They wont inspect it one by one before shipping it to you.

    You can try though. Good luck!
  5. Definitely be better to go to the boutique to hand select one of your own liking.
    Did you have a pic of the Damier Tango that the experts here could view? Otherwise you be exchanging something that may be a natural pattern for this item.
  6. I'm heading home from work now and I'll post pics in a bit. Thanks everyone so far!
  7. I think the Damier Tango is like that, you might want to post pics here first.
  8. Here are 3 pics - two of the sides where they are not alligned, and one of the front, which is fine. Let me know what you all think. Thanks so much!
    Tango side2.jpg Tango side.jpg Tango front.jpg
  9. I just looked at my Damier pieces (don't have the Tango though) and mine are aligned alot better than your pictures. Mine aren't "perfect", but nothing like yours...mine definitely atleast meet. I would try to send it back and see if the next one is better. Can you get to a store? That way you can personally inspect the bag.

    Good Luck!
  10. Thanks everyone for the advice... here's an update.
    I called elux today, and they were very nice...told me it shouldn't be misalligned, and to give it one more try by exchanging it with them. I asked if there was any way someone could check it first, but was told no. They are reimbursing me for the return shipping though.

    I'm about 90 minutes away from the boutique, but if the next one isn't right, I think I'll definitely make the trip (and pay the tax, oh well!)
  11. I think your new one will be the same. I had a Damier Tango (returned it due to a peeling leather problem, but that is another story) and the sides were just like that. I thought it was odd at first, but then as I looked at it, I realized that to get the front to line up corectly, the sides would have to look like that.
  12. I think they could still match front and sides, because the front is a side-to-side matching, and the sides are an up-and-down matching...oh no, my head is starting to hurt!
    Ok Steph, now you have to tell me about the peeling leather problem....
  13. ^^^ The brown chocolate leather strap started peeling after about a month, kind of weird.

    All of the Damier tango's I have seen are alligned like yours. Granted, that is only a few. Go ahead and exchange it, but I bet the second one will be pretty much the same?
  14. Personally I wouldn't be bothered because my Sarria mini and Recoleta are both like that. BUT if you are bothered by it you should bring it back to a boutique if possible and choose one that you like.
  15. I'm in agreement that the flap part has to be a tad bit longer than the front of the bag, so in order to have the front flap line up with the boxes underneath (when you're viewing from the front) the sides cannot possibly be lined up perfectly.
    I love your bag- it has lots of character.