Help! Will Barneys ship CL's to Australia if I phoneorder?

  1. I've found a pair of CL's at Barneys and I'm wondering if any of you know whether they will ship to Australia if I phone order? I know their website wont ship internationally but I was hoping like some other stores they will if I call.

    Has anyone had experience with them shipping internationally?

    Ofcourse I'll call and ask when they open but I'm dying of curiosity and madly trying to think of another way to get them here if they wont ship to me:sos:
  2. WooHoo :yahoo: they do ship to aus!
  3. Congrats! Hope you get them soon.
  4. yeeey to u!!

    So do they ship only to australia or wordwide?? Mind sharing the phone number please!!
  5. Thanks girls so excited! :yahoo:I got the tortoiseshell peanut wedges which I've wanted since I first laid eyes on them at the beginning of the season.

    Mimi I think they ship internationally, I emailed all the stores and the new york store ended up being the one that found the shoes for me their number is +1 212 826 8900. All the stores numbers and emails are on the Barneys website. Good Luck are you after something in particular?
  6. ^^OMG, tortoise peanut wedges! Lucky! I thought those were all sold out.