Help. Why have I done this to myself!


Feb 3, 2014
Hi All
So I’m loving the giant monogram at the moment and I decided on put myself on the list for the khaki neverfull with alittle help from you lot.I was told the wait could be minimum 4 weeks if they can fulfil my order. I’ve had it in the past when they have cancelled the order on me so i decided to not get my hopes up.

I have always had the neonoe monogram with rose poudre on my mind after looking at it last year in store but it’s never in stock in the UK when I look. So fast forward to Saturday , I look at my wish list and it was in stock, so I pull the trigger.

What happened today, I got the call that my neverfull Giant Khaki is available to purchase.

I now have both on the way but I should only be getting one bag. They are so different. I do own a DE neverfull the the giant is very different and I don’t own any bucket bags or monogram

Which bag would you keep?
Thank you X


Sep 3, 2013
Make the decision after you get them both. See which one you like more, works better for your personal items, wears better. I feel like if I were to decide before I even got them, if I wound up liking the other more once they arrived, I'd wind up being stubborn because I'd already decided on the other one. No reason to fret on it now.


a Fendi bag and a bad attitude
Jul 5, 2007
I would wait till I got them both. And agree with @mrs.JC and consider heavily how a dated bag would factor for me. I would definitely imagine what it would feel like to still be toting that khaki green never full around this fall. I think I would already be bored of it by this fall myself.
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Jan 21, 2013
As much as I like NFs, the Geant collection doesn't do much for me, and even the twinge of "like" that I do feel towards it, I think I'd be sick of it fairly quickly. I can't, however, say the same for the Neo Noe - I look at the new offerings all the time, and I can't get enough of them. Classic design and classy color combinations!


May 27, 2009
I agree with others to wait til they both arrive and try your things in them and see how you feel. Personally I think you should buy the bag that makes you smile and it’s sings to your heart. If you think about long term use and how it’s will age you may end up getting something that you may not be happy to use. Get what pulled you in first and see how you feel and how it looks when you try it on. And that is always the case. You think you may not get it so look at other things and consider other bags, then boom!! When you least expect it, it will come in and you will end up with more than one that you want. It’s always the case for me, either nine or all the ones that I want as available. So it doesn’t even give me a chance to get them slowly hahah. Good luck and don’t forget to post pics of what you get
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Oct 13, 2009
I’d get the Neonoe and then a SLG from the Geant collection if that’s an option for you. That way you’ll get a classic bag and a piece of this limited edition line too. You already have a Neverfull in material/ color that goes with everything so getting a new Neverfull doesn’t really serve a purpose, does it?


Feb 3, 2014
thank you all for your help.
The Neonoe does fill the hole in my collection.
The neverfull doesn’t fill a hole in terms of styles of bags , more looks and colour.
The neonoe is coming Wednesday and I’m waiting for the date for the neverfull so that will be when the fun begins.
I have placed an order for the Zoe pink/purple geant so When they hopefully comes I will definitely have a piece from the collection.
I will update when they come X


Jan 4, 2012
Agree with everyone above advising to wait until you have both before deciding.
I like the geant kaki, it isn’t as loud as the other colour combos. I like collecting unusual items and prefer mine to look a bit different. I am never a fan of monograms but I like looking at happy colours. Classic browns are so monotonous. I don’t really care if it makes it dated as long as I like it and enjoy using it. You were drawn to it that’s why you put yourself on the list. So give it a chance and pick the one that you like more and not what others say so.