Help! Why am I so indecisive?

bal newbie

Sep 16, 2006
Well, I have been on the hunt for the next Bbag and I'm having a hard time making any decisions. This is a theme in my life really, but that's not for this forum!

I wish I could try on these different styles but the shop near me only carries City's, Twiggy's, and the occasional First, then some random styles. They won't carry the "big" bags because I guess women here aren't into that. My huge fear is I'll order a bag off eBay and hate it, unable to return. And I haven't used eBay in a few years so I'm out of practice with feeling comfortable with it, esp. with this kind of $$.

I prefer brand new bags but I'm not feeling any of these SS07 colors so I'm still looking for FW06 colors, which leaves me with eBay :confused1:.

So any advice would be much appreciated. I have a black City and camel Part Time, both of which I adore. Should I try a work? Had never considered it but I think I might like to put my laptop into it. But for everyday? Might be huge on me, I'm little (5'2" 100lb). But it slouches nice once broken in right? Then I'm also considering a Box? Too small for everyday?

Should I just go for it? Will I lose a whole lot of $$ if I have to relist if I hate them? Help me in my indecisiveness. And color suggestions would be grand! Remember, I'm into boring neutrals but I'm dying for a rouge vif something, don't know why!
Oct 30, 2006
I started off thinking I wanted to vary the styles but the more I think about it, the less I want to do that. I love the city and my box but don't really care for the twiggy and the first is too small. Anything bigger than the city will swallow me up ( I think). So I figure the city is the way to go. I might want a purse but with the style being discontinued, it might not happen. I don't think there is a thing wrong with buying more of one style. I think the one thing I won't do is buy more than one of the same color. But some styles just aren't right for some people.


Jul 17, 2006
Indecisiveness comes with the territory. It's good to be able to go and try different styles on. When I went to Bal NY and tried on bags I was put off by how shiny and stiff some felt - but the shine wears off and they get softer, so they'll slouch more with wear (something to keep in mind ;) )
I have a new affection for the Work, but I just got a Day and :heart: LOVE it, so much more than I thought. I worried that it would be huge and a pain to locate anything in, and that the strap would dig into my shoulder, but seriously, it's the most comfortable and functional bag ever.