Help! Who'll Fix My Paddy?

  1. My husband bought me a beautiful black Paddy nearly two years ago when he was away on a business trip. Despite being gently used during that time, one of the little screws on the padlock plate is coming loose. Has anybody else had this problem? I believe Chloe only deal with store groups (not individuals). My husband is unlikely to be going abroad to that store again any time soon. And the bag is no longer under warranty anyway....Should I just leave the padlock and hope for the best?
  2. Does the loose screw affect the functionality of the lock? There are actually a couple of things that you can do depending on whether the lock is still functional.
  3. The lock is still functional. It's the U-shaped fitment to which the padlock itself is attached (on the brass plate), that is slightly loose....just looking at the bag now....I notice that on the Chloe side of the brass plaque there are four round fitments. The fitments on the other side are much smaller. But I think that to remove the entire plaque would need a special tool, although it would be an easy job. My bag is exactly the same as the Paddies in other high-end stores where I have seen them on sale. The U shaped thing really needs to be screwed in more tightly I think. But nobody wants to touch the bag, and I'm scared to give it to a repair outlet, for obvious reasons! The bag cost my husband more than a thousand euros.
  4. I suppose lateral thinking would say, 'Just remove the padlock and let it dangle from the side of the bag!' But that changes the look of the bag.
  5. I will take a look at mine when I get home and let you know. But here is a thought, and this is something that I had done in the past with metal parts. If the part is not too loose, superglue works wonders. It will be helpful if you can take a picture with the loose part to see how much room that you have to work with. If the part is really loose, you may need some type of metal glue.
  6. Funny you mention Superglue, acshih! I suggested that to my husband when I couldn't get anyone to fix the bag. But my husband (who is a physicist) thinks this would not work, as both surfaces to be bonded need to be solid. However, I recall an old TV ad for some sort of superglue, where a man was glued to the wing of a plane! I'm with you on this, acshih, but I haven't any Superglue just yet. I might get some at the weekend!
  7. Well, an engineer against a phsicist in a battle of the superglue, who will win??:rolleyes:It does not hurt to try, does it? Be extra careful with it though, it can be messy and hard to clean. Don't get it on the "good leather". Good luck and look forward to your good news!

    ps: if that does not work, I have some other types of glue that I can recommend. Hope you live near a Home Depot:p.
  8. I'll make sure the glue doesn't get on the leather! And I'll post soon on who wins The Battle of the Superglues And Other Paddy Remedies!
  9. The glues have been discounted in favour of soldering! My husband's latest brainwave is bringing the bag to a jeweller with experience of soldering (wedding rings, necklaces, etc). I'd say my Paddy padlock problem is now sorted!
  10. Soldering is even better! Keep us posted.
  11. OMG
    dont put superglue on it, it wont work it will just ruin you bag,
    soildering is you best option i think this will last and hopefully wont effect the appearence.
  12. I think you should call the handbag repair place that the Chloe boutique uses in NY City. The Chloe boutique on Madison Avenue will give you the number. They repaired two of my bags perfectly. One needed new zippers, and the other one needed a new rivet (it was a silverado.) I wouldn't use superglue or anthing else on it. You can send them the handbag, (insured of course) and they will send it back, (make sure they insure it as well.) I always talk to "Luis" when I call. He seems to know a lot about the Chloe bags. The plate should be totally repairable. :smile::tup: Good Luck:yes:
  13. Thanks to all you ladies for supporting my husband's soldering brainwave! He's just about to ring a local goldsmith and arrange for him to see the bag. This smells like success!
  14. Luis sounds like a great guy, Beanie! But unfortunately I live in Ireland so won't be able to look him up. I'll keep you all posted on how things went with the Irish goldsmith though. I hope to be sorted with a perfect Paddy by the weekend!
  15. Well ladies, I'm afraid it's back to the drawing-board with my Paddy. Apparently soldering is unlikely to work as the temperatures required would affect the leather of the bag. So I'm back to the search for suitable glue!