Help, who takes Amex Gift Cards on line?

  1. Help, I have two American express gift cards that I'd like to use online, but can't find any stores that take them. I can shop anywhere on line so if you know of any stores please let me know. I know these cards start losing value if you hold them too long.
  2. Amex gift cards all have a credit card number. Any store that takes amex will take amex gift cards.
  3. If the store accepts Amex credit cards, they also accept gift cards
  4. I've heard that but when you go to buy something on line (which is how I do most of my shopping) there is no place for a Amex gift card
  5. Just checking in real quick!

    You put it in the same as you put in an American Express credit card.

    Just select AMEX, and type in the number on your gift card!
  6. All merchants (even online) great it as an AMX credit card. Just enter the info as requested on the order form.