Help! Who Has Seen This Prada Bag?

  1. I first saw this Prada Resort 2008 bag in the Dec 2007 issue of Lucky magazine. :love: This is the bag, but in a different color (photo credit belongs to Jill):


    The one in Lucky is buttery yellow on the outside, with orange lining. Please, if anyone has seen it or will happen to see it in the future, please let me know. I would like to get this as my last bag before I go on a purse ban for a year (crazy, I know! :p). Thanks in advance!
  2. Jill has this bag, but I believe hers is lined in pink? Let me find a thread. Didn't she get it from the Prada boutique in NYC? Yes, Jill got hers from the Broadway Prada store. Did you call there yet?
  3. i've seen one in ivory in hk prada boutique...
  4. I saw that bag in Lucky - Jill has it in the black lined in pink - I have it as well. We both got it from Sonia at Prada in SoHo, NYC. I don't know if they have the other color - I've seen the one I have, the one you mentioned in Lucky, and one more color combination in another magazine (don't remember which one). You could call her...Sonia, that is...:idea:
  5. Thanks everyone! I've been stalking all the authorized Prada online sellers (Saks, etc), to no avail. I will call Sonia. Does Prada have a good return policy?
  6. I saw a light colored one at my NM in Scottsdale but unknown if it was ivory or yellow..sorry.
  7. I saw that bag today also full price at Saks in store.
  8. This isn't the same one as Jill has. This one is a zip top with fabric monogram lining. Jill's is a foldover with leather lining. I've not seen hers anywhere online though. She got hers from Prada in NYC.