HELP....who has a KOOBA SCARLETT??

  1. So I just got a Kooba Embossed Scarlett today from Off 5th Saks at the Cabazon outlets for $179.99 + tax. Sale price was $239.99 from retail of $500 and then I had a 25% off coupon. So anywho, I just wondered what wallet you ladies use to match the brown one. I looked all over today for a matching color and couldn't find ANYTHING!! Also there is a tag inside that says HANDCRAFTED IN CHINA, is this authentic. Will post pics in a sec.
  2. [​IMG]


  3. I have exactly the same bag but I never used it......:shame: These pictures look authentic to me, and I know that kooba does make their bags in China now. If you saw a lot of them in Off 5th the chance of your getting a 'switchroo' is fairly low.

    As for the wallet, isn't any tan color fine with it? Does it have to be exactly the same?

    Here are some of my pics:
    Kooba_Scarlett_back_s.jpg Kooba_Scarlett_side2_s.jpg Kooba_Scarlett_inside_s.jpg
  4. is yours made in china too??
  5. ^^Just checked - yep. So no worry at all.
  6. ok one more thing, I just noticed that the holes on the strap where the leather strips go through are sorta bigger than the rest of them...........would this bug you guys enough to drive an hour to go exchange it or should I just deal with it?? Look on the right side of the bag, where the black stars are:

  7. Your Bag looks fine to me....and great price! Mine are also made in China.
    I have a Scarlett in Metallic Army and love it. As for a wallet I have no idea. I am waiting for the day that kooba will smarten up and makes some wallets. I'd buy one in a minute. Here's a pic of my Scarlett.