HELP! White Spy Hobo

  1. I was contemplating and contemplating if I should get it.. but I finally did!

    A white spy hobo! :nuts:

    Bluefly had it on early this morning and I snatched it up, with no second thoughts.

    However, I'm having doubts now..

    I've never ordered anything off of Bluefly before, are their item authentic? (I'm reading some threads in this forum that their Balenciaga bags may by questionable)

    Also, those of you who have the white spy hobo, what's it like? Is it roomy? Feel okay? I'm only 5'1 at 95 lbs. so I don't want something that will overwhelm me either.

    Much help would be appreciated!

    [​IMG]This is what I'm having delivered.. worth it??
  2. I haven't bought anything from Bluefly but hear that they are reputable. Plus, you can always return the bag if you are not sure or if you don't like it.
  3. Oh, and I do think it's a great bag for summer!!! I almost bought a hologram hobo when I was buying my Wisteria!:love:
  4. Thanx LV for the opinion..
    Unfotunately, I just called in and cancelled my order.

    I have never bought bags online, and really thought bluefly was as reputable as a Saks or Niemans (from what I was gathering at this forum). But all morning, there seems to be tons of people that are having problems with Bluefly's authenticity of bags.

    Not taking my chances with a fake!
  5. I've brought two bags from bluefly and there are real. I took my Gucci to the store and compared it and it's real.
  6. That white hobo is stunning! If only we can be sure of Bluefly's authenticity.