HELP! white gucci turned black : (

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  1. hey ladies and gents

    i bought a white gucci messenger bag 2 years ago and i made the mistake of wearing it with my black cheap jacket..the ink dye on the jacket rubbed off on the bag and i tried EVERYTHING (even oxyclean :P) to get it off but nothing worked : (

    i brought it to holt renfrew where i bought it and they said they couldn't do anything about it and suggested to use a mild cleaner to get it off..didn't work

    this is the bag i'm talking about (this one in particular isn't mine)


  2. Hmm.. I don't know but I've heard some people use Magic Eraser to clean bags but I don't know what types of bags? I would try to do a search on it first as I have never done this...
  3. Hi, I would either call or take the bag to GUCCI or if there is an dry cleaners in your area that handles upscale items they may be able to make that baby white again or close to it. Good Luck!