HELP!!!!!! White Giant Brief??!!

  1. Hey girlies:heart: ! I'm treating myself to my second Bbag and I LOVE the new Brief style - however I want a light colour and the only one my SA fought for me is a *white*. It looks divine (esp. against the gold) but it'd probably get dirty very easily...:sad:

    I'm also thinking about a brass hardware Work in the Bleu Glacier...:love:

    SO - White Brief or Bleu Glacier Work?!?!??!
    PLEASE help me out!:yes:
  2. I forget what color the blue glacier is but go for the white brief GH - in my opinion
  3. Thanks a bundle Rocco - I'm still gathering up more opinions, my SA is so kind and said she'd wait till end of this week for me..please more thoughts! xxxx

    ps thanks atelier.naff for the pic!
  4. That's a tough one! I really like the brief with the GH (in any color) but I also think I'm going to be loving the bleu glacier color. The brief with gold hardware might be more unique. I hear the GH makes the bags heavier and I'm curious to know how people are liking the 12" opening on the brief. Is it awkward to get in and out of the bag? Hmmmm, I probably haven't helped one bit!
  5. I love White giant brief since I saw that pic on ateliernaff site. But white is going to be a nightmare to keep clean. And blue glacier is such a gorgeous color according to the swatch. You have a tough decision to make. Maybe you should get both. :graucho: Let us know what you decide on.
  6. Does anyone know if the Brief is just a one-off or is it going to get continued? Cos I do love the style but I don't want it to date too quickly...:s
    And yes...bleu glacier is absolutely beautiful and i'm spoilt for choice atm......:sad:
  7. Are You Reffering To The Blue Glacier With The Giant Hardware In The City Style? Or Regular Hardware?
  8. just regular hardware - think i prefer something lighter with the GH :smile:
    Bleu glacier is so nice tho, no?
  9. The white is LOVELY :love: :drool: :love: I have a white Weekender and I :heart: her.