HELP: White Caviar Md. Classic Flap w/ GOLD or SILVER hardware??


Which hardware for white caviar classic flap?

  1. Gold

  2. Silver

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  1. I managed to locate both the white caviar flap w/ gold hardware AND one w/ silver hardware and I dont know which one to choose :shrugs: Both of them are coming to me so it might be easier for me to make the decision when I compare them in person but for now I want to ask for the opinion of my fave members of the forum :love:

    White caviar md.flap with gold or silver hardware?? :idea:
  2. Definitely silver - no question with the white!
  3. silver....
  4. silver gets my vote. I saw a white one with silver hardware IRL yesterday and it was very lovely.:heart:
  5. thanks tweetie, me_love_purse, and cutestmomever!
  6. i love bothh! i've never seen either in real life, but I personally love gold, because it's soo classic! (but then again so is silver...but slightly more contemporary) ooh, you should just keep both! you know you want too!!! hehee :smile:
  7. SILVER!!!! I love the way it looks with the silver hardware, so clean, crisp, great lines... which makes this combo one of my all-time Chanel favorites. I so hope you get it!!
  8. evychew - hahhaa, you are BAD :graucho: yea, i definitely want to keep both but unfortunately I have to return one or I'll be homeless!

    balenciagalove - ahhh, your icon just kills me everytime!! more puppy pictures please :nuts: :p I think I am leaning more and more towards silver!
  9. silver is fresher and younger, alittle more modern.
    the gold on white gives the feeling of maturity and sophistication- and i'm not at that point in my life yet, so i'll say silver. :p
  10. Silver definitely! You lucky girl :cutesy:
  11. good points Jennifer!!

    martinigirl - i wouldnt say I'm lucky, I had to get it for the new price. OUCH.

    I guess I could always use my petite shopper when I'm in the mood for white w/ gold. eeks, decisions! I'm so bad with decisions
  12. Jen,

    Get the silver!!!! I just got a flap and I got offense against the gold, but I think the silver is more shiny and fresh, JMO!!!
  13. ^ thanks Dawn!!! Yea, I definitely think the silver is more modern and I wear silver a lot more than gold as well.

    looks like it might be silver! i'll post the two flaps next to each other when I get them!
  14. Can't wait to see the pix of them side by side!!!
  15. silver