Help! Whistle bag...

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  1. Ok, so I have discovered the cute Whistle Bbag, but I'm a little confused about it and would love information on it that anyone can provide. Here's a couple pics:



    I guess I'm mainly wondering what the *buckle gathers* do while they are not locked.
    Do they just flop around?

    Also, is the zipper situation very functional because it opens SO much when it's unzipped?

    Would it fit on the shoulder of a petit person?
    And any other personal experience you might have with this bag.

    I have scoured tPF and the net trying to find more info and there just doesn't seem to be much. :confused1:
    I'm really interested in getting it, I just would like to know more about it before purchasing it.

    Thanks bunches in advance!!:flowers:
  2. I know some lovely Pf'er did make a thread about why a city-girl would want to go whistle... It was marvellous - and It made me get mine, as I had been eyeing it for a while;) But it's in Denmark, and I am in the States, so won't be able to give you a report until May 25th :smile:

    I got the large Cognac.. My friend who is keeping her until I get back tells me she is to die for!!! :yahoo:
  3. Thank you SOOOO very much MissM for that post!! I found the thread (I'm not sure how I missed it on my first *whistle* search):

    It answered all of my questions perfectly. :yes:

    Her bag is utterly gorgeous and I'm inspired, too! I think I am going to get this lovely bag!!:heart:

    :tender: Thanks again!!:tender:
  4. oops- wrong thread...disregard
  5. Hi MauiMamma:smile:

    hope this pics will help you more...
    camelwhistle.jpg chalkwhistlebag.jpg
  6. one more....:smile:

  7. Hi Maui-Mamma,

    I came to think that I have a picture of mine, when it's filled with stuff... Maybe this makes it easier for you to imagine, how it works.. :yes: The picture is way to dark, so the colour of the bag is wrong.. but thought this wasn't important with regards to this issue, so I post it anyway..

  8. ooh such a cute bag ^^ the leatherl ooks divine MissM