1. I'm a first time Paddy Buyer. My WHISKEY Paddy has just arrived from NM, I'm all excited about it BUT...the problem is that AFTER I placed my order at Neiman's, I saw a JEANS MOYEN Bag in the forum, and I kind of fell for it! :shame:

    I'm looking at my Whiskey Paddy now, I sort of like it, but I have this nagging feeling that I might like the Jeans Moyen better! Have you ever had that feeling?? Well, I'm thinking of returning the Whiskey Paddy & buying the Jeans Moyen instead...Here are the Pros & Cons of each bag:


    - Purchased from NM, 100% Authentic
    - No risks or worries
    - Returnable

    - Not sure if I like the color
    - Will always wonder whether I should have gotten the Jeans Moyen instead


    - Like the color better

    - Must buy from eBay, no stores has that color
    - NOT sure of Authenticity, some risks involved
    - Non-Returnable

    Your suggestions & feedback will be most welcome! :smile: Now that I have the Authentic bag in my hand, I'm trying to learn how to tell the Real from the Fake. Could someone tell me where the Serial No. is located? Also, is the JEANS MOYEN more gray than blue? (That's how it looks on my computer.) Many thanks!
  2. The serial number is stitched onto the inside of the inner pocket along one of the seams.

    The jeans moyen is a very much blue... think pale blue jeans... It's a lovely color. I have the whiskey, and absolutely love the color, but I have to say that if I had to pick between the two, I would probably pick the jeans moyen, it's a very special color.
  3. Can you send the link containing the Jeans Moyen?
  4. Oooooh, this is a tough one! Okay, what I would do is try to not think of this situation with a "if this then that" mentality.

    My initial reaction is to tell you to return the whiskey paddy even if you don't get the Moyen. Why? Because from the sounds of it, you are already "over" it. If it was the Moyen it would have been another bag! You indicated yourself that you weren't sure of the color. So I say Moyen or not, the whiskey has got to go! :yes: There are sooooo many color choices that are coming out this fall and I am sure one will impress you more than the whiskey. Like the navy and castor (deep reddish brown). Yum!

    Now regarding the Jeans Moyen...this color is amazing. Purchasing from the store is always better. Be patient and you'll locate the one that you want. However, if you are impatient you can purchase it from Ebay. Post the links and we PF'ers will try to ease your mind as much as possible regarding authenticity. You are right though -- buying from Ebay is big risk. :Push: verdict? Return the whiskey and bade your time and money until you get the Jeans Moyen....or who knows, another color might catch your interest while you're waiting!!
  5. I think all the Paddy colors are scrumptious, but there's something about the COLOR colors that really sing to me.
    It may be because I have a lot of neutral bags that lately I've been on this quest to add bursts of color to my bag collection.

    I see more whiskey paddies, even though it was a hard to get color, sold out everywhere at one seems like that's no longer the case, so I consider it one or the more common colors.

    I've never seen the jeans moyen except in pictures and it's beautiful.
    Isn't blue the new black? :smile:

    My first paddy was a gorgeous grenat from a fellow PFer, and then shortly after a blue nuit.
    The blue nuit, I have to tell you, I've carried ever day since it arrived.
    It's such a happy burst of color. Just so....BLUE! And it makes me smile every time.

    It SOUNDS like that's the feeling you have towards the jeans moyen.
  6. My first ever & only coveted paddy color was jeans moyen - fabulous! I got one from Nordstrom a few months back but returned it regretably to be practical - I needed more neutral colored bags (not that jeans moyen isn't neutral, but I have nice spring/fashion colors, but unhappy with my browns/tans). I also returned a whiskey - just too orange for me, no regrets.

    You might have a Nordy's SA check to see if there are any left in their system, or definitely run options past the forum when you see them. You won't regret getting that color!!
  7. I have the whiskey and love, love, love it. I'm just drawn to that color for some reason. I also love the jeans moyen, but the whiskey has my heart.
  8. I prefer the whisky. It is richer to me and I actually have the satchel and the large shopper tote. I have other bags in the denim jean color and I use them occassionally but I find I have to match them more and the whisky goes with everything. It would be great if you could find the jeans at a store where you can see it IRL before you return the whisky. Ebay is always a risk but if you post your link before you bid, we can walk you through the purchase of a real one and if you change your mind you can always resell it. good luck
  9. The jeans moyen is definitely a greyish light blue. I have noir which is the opposite - a greyish dark blue - as well as a whiskey and I have to say I use the noir more than whiskey. I live in jeans and t-shirts or tank tops which complement the noir so well. I never thought I'd use a cool toned bag but I love it!! I'm usually all about the neutrals.
  10. The jeans moyen is a light blue, sort of between grey blue and baby blue. It is more blue than grey. Here is a pic of the one I ordered and sent back (loved the color, but the shape did not work)...I think if this one is calling to you you should get it! You might be able to find one leftover if you look hard enough.
    Chloe Blue outside 3.jpg
  11. Here's a pic in slightly different light that pics up the grey tones.... on the drive back to Nordstrom :cry: :Push:
  12. i'd pick whiskey anyday :smile:
  13. blugenie, your bag looks lighter than mine! It is beautiful! I am SO obsessed with this color!
  14. Another vote for jeans moyen...
  15. Jeans Moyen. I loves it!!