HELP! Which wristlet do you recommend!?

  1. I really want an all white all leather wristlet, and I've had my eye on two different ones for the past couple of weeks. You'd think after starring at them for so long I'd be able to choose on my own... BUT I CAN'T! Lol... Let me know what you ladies think about these two...

    Legacy Leather Wristlet (Style# 40212)

    Hamptons Leather Wristlet (Style# 7734)



    P.S. If you own one or both of these, pros and cons about it/them would be GREAT!
  2. legacy dear
  3. Legacy! Definitely. It's just TDF. :drool: :drool:
  4. when in doubt, choose the legacy!!!!!
  5. i have that legacy wristlet in white and it's wonderful.
  6. no contest...LEGACY
  7. I love the legacy :love:
  8. Legacy!! I have it in whiskey and love it!!
  9. Legacy all the way
  10. I vote for Legacy also. Let us know what you chose.
  11. Lol... alright... then I suppose I am getting the Legacy!

    That was easy... Thanks for all of your help ladies!!!


    * I'm SO excited...
  12. I agree - Legacy!! I have two and I love them!
  13. I like the Hamptons, but I'm the odd one out! :lol:
  14. I like the legacy.
  15. Legacy all the way!^-^