Help which wallet?

  1. I had decided to get a Lara Bohinc Wallet in Bronze BUT I was just looking online and discovered the Fendi wallet I wanted ages ago is back in stock!

    Now I dont know what to do :confused1:

    Which one is nicer? what should I get? please HELP me decide:sos:
    fendi.jpg Lara Bohinc.jpg
  2. i like the second one
  3. The Lara Bohinc looks really unique and cool IMO! :yes:
  4. I prefer the second one too.
  5. second one is nice :yes:
  6. OMG!!!! def. GET THIS ONE!!!
    the leather is :drool:
    and i worried about white wallets :p
  7. oooh, that's tough! i like them both - they're so unique looking. I'd say go with the brown if only because I'd be afrraid that the white would get so dirty from handling it all the time
  8. the lara one is def. cuter/more unique, but white on a wallet is just asking to get dirty IMO :smile: the fendi is cute if u're looking for something more practical
  9. I love the Fendi but the other is sweet too :yes:
  10. I am with Seahorse on this one - WOW thats a mini spy wallet!

    Can I ask where is this in stock? So need to look for one
  11. The Fendi one is tdf. So gorgeous!! FENDI! FENDI! FENDI!
  12. the 2nd one definitely... so interesting and unique.
  13. Fendi.
  14. I prefer the Fendi, too.

    OT-ktrkate--that's the Spartan "S" in your avatar!! Another Spartan here! won't say how many years ago. We still have family in the Lansing area.
  15. Fendi!

    The white one's beautiful though, but the color worries me.