HELP~~which wallet should i get?????

  1. im thinking of getting my first LV wallet:P !!!!with so many choices are out there, im kinda lost:shame: ....
    The thing is i have a lota cards, and i kinda want my changes and notes seperated, you know, like when i buy tickets at train station, i don't have to open the whole wallet and show everyone my cards and etc.....:shocked:
  2. koala...9 cc slots, change pocket and comes in mono, damier, vernis, can't go wrong.
  3. I keep hearing great things about the Koala wallet!!! Don't have one myself but it does seem to get a lot of votes from lovely PFers!!!
  4. I love my Porte-Tresor International. I've got the new version that has ten CC slots.
  5. I have two koalas -- the mono and the damier. I bought the mono when the koala first came out. Then I fell in love with the red leather interior of the damier. It is the best wallet -- room for lots of cards, a place for your DL and a coin compartment. (I must admit I have a damier koala coin purse for my coins, or I use a cles.)
  6. The billfold comes in most materials: epi, monogram, damier, vernis, ect

    it has a seperate snapped pocket for change, on the other side it holds 6 credit cards, 2 pockets, and one pocket for bills.
  7. I have a mono zipped compact and I love it, but it may be a bit too small for what you are looking for.
  8. Definitely the koala, I'm really partial to the MC one cause it's so cute but I love the rounder, more koala-ish one on the damier one as well !
  9. Well if you want a wallet that keeps your money and credit cards seperated, they have a zipped purse for $420 that has two long pockets one for money one for cc's and I have this wallet and it's good because no one can see in it. There's also a zippy wallet that has more pockets and cc slots. Then there's the French Purse, which has a seperate coin section and cc section. I use this wallet now and I actually fold my money in half and keep it in the coin section (it fits great) because I like to have my stuff seperated too. Check all these out on to see pic's and prices. Good luck!!!
  10. how about MC french purse??
  11. i quite like the:
    1. zipped compact
    2. snapped billfold and coin purse
    3. zippy wallet
  12. i really dig the MC french purse ,but the price is ..... not sure if it really worth that money?!
  13. Well, I love the french purse but if you need a lot of CC slots I suggest a PTI or a zipped purse. The french wallet only has 4 CC slots.
  14. You might like the zippy organizer because it carries a lot, 12 cc slots and a space for a check book!! Also take a look at the new zippy wallet, it has 8 slots for cards and holds change and receipts.
  15. Thanks guys!!! really appreciate it!!!
    i think im goin to choose between MC PRM and MONO zippy wallet~~