Help! Which Trendy CC To Get?

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Which Trendy CC Should I get?

  1. Black Lambskin, Chevron, Light Gold Hardware, Small.

  2. Beige Lambskin, Chevron, Light Gold Hardware, Medium.

  3. Beige Lambskin, Quilted, Light Gold Hardware, Small.

  1. Hi all!

    I currently own a black double flap in caviar size jumbo, and am considering the trendy cc for my next purchase.

    My dream color/combo is the chevron style in beige. However, my downfall here is that it is in the medium size which is just as large as my jumbo and I was hoping to get this in the small size. Unfortunately, it is out of stock though.

    I was then considering the chevron in black lambskin and light gold hardware size small, as to me, it is different enough from my Jumbo to get another black purse. Or, my other option could be to order the regular quilted trendy cc in beige size small.

    What do you think? Is the medium size too large? Should I stick with because it's my dream color/style combo? Or go with something similar in the size I prefer?

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  2. Black Chevron Trendy!
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  3. I would wait for your dream combo. These come up in the resale market sometimes.
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  4. Oh the Chevron Beige is fabulous, and ideal in Small size. I'd wait and see does this come back.
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  5. I'd wait. You're preferred combo of leather and hardware does you no good if the bag is larger than you'd like. Unless you are truly flexible about the size, I would bid my time and see what comes along. Don't rule out the resale market!
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  6. WHERE ARE THESE PIECES!! I really want to find a beige trendy, and I have been looking everywhere!
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  7. I made the, what i consider, mistake of buying the larger Trendy and sold it within 6 months because it was WAY too big - Felt like a briefcase when i was carrying it. I just recently purchased the black chevron in small that you have pictured here and i love it so much! Good luck finding your dream Trendy!
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  8. San Francisco!!
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  9. This bag looks good in small. Pic 3 is tdf