Help! Which Transporto Avventura should I keep? Pattern placement...

  1. I am officially obsessed and can't decide!!! :shrugs: I bought three Transporto Avventuras (one for me, one for my sister, and one b/c I couldn't decide if I liked the pattern placement on it better than the two I already had). I have stared at them alone and next to eachother, and I'm still at a loss. My sister doesn't care about pattern placement, so she'll take whichever I don't want. THANKS for any opinions!
  2. I like first one, there are so many school buses. What you gonna do with the other one? I am very interested the transporto avventuras.:drool:
  3. I like bag three. You have Sandy and the school bus right in the center. I love this print!
  4. I can't decide yet because your pics appear to be mislabled - bag 2 has two fronts, and bag 3 has two backs (and bag 1 has the back and front switched).
  5. You have a great eye!!!! I did mix up Bag 2's "back" with Bag 3's "Back" -- and I wasn't paying attention to which side I labeled back and front. That's what I get for posting at such an insane hour of the night (morning)! :shame:

    Now everything is fixed and here is the new link.

    Is there a way to edit my original post with the correct link? I edited the post once and now I don't see the edit button anymore.

    Thanks for any opinions!
  6. I like Bag 1!.. I don't know it doesn't seem to have a lot of cut off of the Sandy balloon =]
  7. I vote for #3. You really can't go wrong with any of those bags though, since they all fit the entire print on the front.
  8. Wow! All are nice!
    I would pick bag #1.
    Please let us know your final decision!
  9. I think I choose the 1st one, because if u hold it like me, on the right side your arm covers that one half airballoon thing and it makes the print seem less.. repeated.
  10. If I had to choose, I would go with #2, it seems to have the least cut-off. I like them ll though. Trasporto is one of my favorite prints because print placement isn't such a big deal.