Help!! Which tote?

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  1. I wanted to get a tote. I am having a hard time with which one to get. denim, green or black aged calfskin? I already have a deauville tote in blue with gold hardware from cruise 2019. I would appreciate any input.
    1EA25C0B-9B08-43FB-BF63-5B18E4E0D4A3.jpeg 16F5B856-892C-48B2-B2A5-8B7F4F23AD86.jpeg 5890E3A3-1FBA-4FA1-9DB4-1342E7D7441F.jpeg
  2. I love the first one!
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  3. I vote for the first one too. The color looks amazing. The third one is of course very classic choice if you want to play it safe. If you already have a black tote, go for the color!
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  4. First!
    Does it exist maybe in beige?
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  5. I don’t have a black tote. But I do have a black reissue with gold hardware, a black med lrg classic flap with silver hardware, a woc black with gold hardware.
  6. I asked about beige. They only had the classic tote in beige.
  7. I vote for the first one too! Did you find the tote to be heavy?
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  8. I tried on the larger version of this one and it was very light. The leather was amazing.
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  9. For totes. I'd go for black.
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  10. First choice is the first one but if you don’t already have a nice black tote then the black one.
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  11. Tough choice! I like the 1st or 3rd. If it's not for work, I like #1 the best.
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  12. 1st one is definitely eye catching and my favourite but for practical reasons I vote the 3rd one.
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  13. 1st looks the prettiest though it won’t be very practical for every day use/work bag
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  14. Green, very pretty. For me because of kids I’d choose black.
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  15. black or the classic beige
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