HELP!! which to pick???

  1. I'm torn between the Monogram Denim Cabby MM/Noir OR
    Speedy Mirage/red
    Need to make my decision asap, help ladies, whats your opinions on this 2 bags??;)

    I'm only interest in these 2 bags, Thanks!
  2. Speedy !
  3. Hmmmmm, toughie!!

    Ummmmm....Denim Cabby!
  4. I'd go with the Cabby. :yes:
  5. cabby all the way
  6. Mirage speedy
  7. I'd go with the Cabby. I have one & it's a great bag :tup:
  8. I have the cabby MM in black and the mirage in noir....they're both great bags! I'd maybe go for the mirage right now since it's LE.
  9. mirage.
  10. not really loving the mirage, so i'd go for the denim cabby
  11. I'd get the MIRAGE SPEEDY.
  12. cabby
  13. I'd go with the speedy
  14. CABBY for sure!
  15. cabby!