help which to keep Gryson or Bulga

  1. I was going to wait until end of year for next bag but saw this Bulga at NR for $149 (compare at $595). I like the soft leather and it was such a deal I brought it home (brown color), not being 100% sure I'd keep. So I went back today to NR and found the Gryson Sophie. She is not as soft but is a $825 bag for $199. She has a suede lining which I really like. Hardware is silver which I prefer over the shiny gold on the Bulga. But neither of the bags has outside pockets, which I really like. However the Gryson has the strap thing that at least can go over the open zipper if you want to carry bag open so you can grab cell phone. Both have straps that go over shoulder but rather tightly. I'm leaning a bit toward Gryson at the moment because it's more high-end with suede lining. But the Bulga may be more comfortable to carry (slightly lighter in weight and somewhat softer strap)
  2. I say bulga, I like them a lot they're great bags!
  3. Hands down, keep the Gryson.
  4. no contest...gryson!
  5. gryson. very classy bag.
  6. i actually like the bulga better!
  7. Love the Gryson. Mine is one of my favorite bags.
  8. gryson for sure! I love mine!
  9. Can't you have both??? The prices are sooo good! :yes:
  10. I like the Gryson much better than Bulga.
  11. I'd definitely keep the Gryson. It's much more stylish IMO.

    What is this NR store? They have incredible prices.
  12. I like the bulga.
  13. another vote for the gryson
  14. Nordstrom's Rack...they don't always have that much good stuff. But these were good deals.
  15. Though Gryson is very well made, the leather on my Bulga is also depends on your style/taste- feel that Gryson is a bit structured for me. So funny b/c just yesterday I reluctantly returned a Gryson (Jesse in Raspberry) to the Topanga Canyon Nordstrom Rack. Don't get me wrong- it is a beautiful bag...scratched up, but was $184 from $725 or some crazy deal. Such a great bargain, I know, which is why I couldn't resist buying it, but tried to be strong since my new goal is to only have bags that I adore and use, and just wasn't in love, KWIM?
    Thinking now, I should have sold it on eBay, but am too busy/ lazy :push: