Help which Tiffanys bracelet?

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  1. Ok so I'm debating between 2 bracelets. I'm having a really hard time deciding and thought I'd come here for some opinions. Ok now here are the 2. I kind of like the first one more because it's a little different and I don't see it as often. So I'm left a little confused.

    [​IMG] Heart tag toggle bracelet


    [​IMG] Heart tag bracelet.

    Also off topic. I have the Elsa Peretti 5 open heart bracelet and one of the links broke. Does anyone know how much it would cost to send it into Tiffanys for repair? It broke once and I had it fixed at a local jewelers, and well they didn't go a good job at all. Hence that's why the link broke once again. Thanks ladies.
    Tiff1.jpg tiff2.jpg
  2. I prefer the regular Heart tag.. I just think the toggle would add to the overall weight of the bracelet, make it too heavy. I like the simple line of the tag bracelet.. less busy!
  3. I have the one in the first picture and love it.
  4. Definitely the first one!!! Love love the toggle!:tup:
  5. I love the toggle...I have the oval bracelet that clips on and putting it on is a PITA to be honest, the toggle is easier to put on, for me at least. :smile:
  6. I have the heart toggle bracelet and I absolutely love it!! I really do agree with digby, it's really easy to put on :smile:
  7. i have the regular neclace, wanted the toggle but found it hung weird
  8. I like the 1st one better.
  9. I like the toggle better.
  10. I like the toggle
  11. I like the toggle because it's easier to clasp, but it is chunkier and heavier. I have #2 and even tho it can be a pain to clasp, I still love it and it hangs very nicely on the wrist. Plus, if you are planning on maybe adding more charms to it in the future, #2 would be a better option IMHO.
  12. I like #2; it has a very clean look to it.
    I have the toggle necklace and the weight of the toggle keeps it in place; I don't know if you would want that on a bracelet.
  13. the first one!!! Love the toggle
  14. I like the heart tag, but I prefer the oversized one on the website. I think it looks really cool paired with the Return to Tiffany's regular circle tag bracelet, which is how I wear mine.
  15. Love the first choice.