Help ! Which Tiffany key should I get ?!

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  1. Hi.. I'm torn and don't know which key I should get.. I've my eyes on 1. The Crown key 2. The Fleur key 3. The Oval key and 4. The Atlas key.
    I'm looking at sterling silver and wearing it both long chain and short ... Would appreciate your input and if you have pics of yourself wearing any of these keys.. Please post them :smile:
    I wear black all the time :smile:
  2. Have you considered the knot key? When I was looking at keys this one seemed to work on both long and short chains.
  3. Hi.. No i didn't see the knot key pendant when I was in the shop last. Will check it out when I return to buy :smile:
  4. I like the oval. I don't own it but the YG version is on my wishlist. I think a large one is SS would look great against black or darker outfits.
  5. +1
  6. Fleur key in silver large and the Oval key silver or gold in small, in my opinion both are classy.
  7. The oval key is SO classic! I'd go with that :smile:
  8. Do take some mod shots when you go back ,am sure we'd all love to see the options.

    I was very close to buying the silver knot key with the single diamond, I liked the medium size key on a longer chain. The SA kept pushing me towards the diamond keys which were more than I wanted to spend at the time so I ended up leaving. This was in Boston at New Year. We wound up at a different Tiffany where I had a lovely experience buying my silver bean earrings which i wear loads.

    Still tempted by a key on a long chain so looking forward to seeing what you choose.

    Also love the oval key, beautiful and vintage looking. Would love to see mod shots of that ;)
  9. I would say the oval too. You'd want something classic that you wouldn't get tired of.
  10. I have the crown key in rose gold [emoji7][emoji171][emoji171][emoji171]
  11. Hi.. I've finally decided on the crown key with a 24" chain. The oval key is out of stock and the Fleur key is not longer available.
    I will probably get a smaller sized oval in the future :smile:

    Would love to see mod shots of your keys :smile:
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