HELP!! Which style should i get for my next BBag?

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  1. Hey guys~ I need HELPPP!!
    I just cant make up my mind..
    Im in the middle of confusion between raisin ggh work, tempete sgh pt and black ggh envelope. Initially, I was considering about velo too. But when i checked with bal milan this afternoon, the SA told me that they only have one in sahara. I don't really wanna go for light color anymore coz it got dirty easily..
    So far i have 6 bals: city, pompon, day, brief, hobo and midday.
    Which one do u think should i choose? TIA. :biggrin:
  2. i love the color combo: raisin GGH so i will go with WORK.
  3. i vote for black ggh envelope!
  4. Black GGH Envelope! It's on my wishlist too :smile:
  5. raisin ggh work
  6. raisin is very pretty! i have a coin purse and i love the color!
  7. I'll go for the GGH Work, purple and gold are a prefect combo!
  8. Go with the envelope!!
  9. I think tempete is gorgeous. Also raisin with ggh. But I vote tempete. the colour has staying power and is incredible stylish.
  10. ^Hi little friend!:hugs:
  11. Ladies, thank you so much for the input!! I wasn't able to log on for sooo long because of internet probs.. Anyways, got my dream bag already. Thank you! (:
  12. SGH + Tempête is TDF !! ;)
  13. I guess u got the Raisin GGH Work.;)
  14. how about some pics? :graucho:
  15. I vote for Tempete ! :heart: