Help! Which stam should I get?

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  1. Finally found what I was looking for, but I'm confused between 3 styles and since I've never seen them in person....It's hard to pick! Here they are:

    It looks like the first two are made with a more of a patent leather, while the last one is a bit more dull? Please help.....what will stand the test of time? Thanks so much!
  2. #2 Jan 17, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2009

    The last one seems like it would stand the test of time better, the first two look like they're made out of the same material the MINA is made from... or the elastic stam...**I'm not sure**.

    I just know they don't look 'normal', and I don't remember a patent stam ever being made...i only remember the minas/elastic stams having that shiny leather.

    Someone else who knows what they are talking about will soon chime in!

  3. the first two are the Quilted Elastic Stams from F/W07 -- they're not really patent leather, but they do have a bit of a shine to them (the first one is the regular size, the second one is the larger/longer East/West Stam) -- the bag is quilted with elastic (instead of regular stitches) which gives it that gathered look

    the third one that you posted looks like the goat leather stam from F/W07, which is more like the "traditional" stam, except that the leather's a little softer and lighter weight (it also has a lower price tag and diabros current price is about $200 lower than US retail)


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  4. Good synopsis ILUV!
  5. The first one. I love the quilted elastic leather. I have not seen the goat leather stams in person, so I can't really say much about the third one. Any black Stam would be great, though.
  6. I agree ^^ I love my elastic stam.
  7. i like the last one the best. ;)
  8. I gotta vote for the last one. For some reason, I just like the shape of the "more traditional" stam better than the elasticized Mina version.... and I think it will stand the test of time better :thinking:.

    I had the same dilemma when a gorgeous little elasticized green Mina showed up on e-Bay a couple of days ago. But after a lot of thinking (and looking at tons of pics), I'm pretty sure I prefer the classic. I guess ultimately, you should focus on what you think you like better, since it just seems to be a personal choice. Seriously, who's going to tell you: "Your black, fabulous, gorgeous stam is out of date!" in three years from now? There's no such thing ;)
  9. My vote goes to the last Stam (the goat leather). I love classics.
  10. ^Ditto...
  11. Thanks everyone! I appreciate the input! It's so hard because they're all so nice!!!! :tup:
  12. Hmm :thinking: This is a tough one.
    I favor MJ classics so much that I don't even care for the newer bags.
    HoweVA, I'm loving the elastic (1st) one the most.
  13. The goat leather Stam is a classic and more lightweight than the Stams lined with suede. So I'm going with the majority here. HTH! :yes:

  14. the QE stams are actually lined with the same coated canvas that the goat leather stams are (only the first season stams were lined with suede and a few colors from R05 and S06) -- I also think that the QE bags are actually goat leather (not calf), so they're actually about the same weight as the goat leather stams from FW08.

    I used to have a Mina bag and it was a lot lighter than my quilted calf stam

  15. I vote for bag 1, especially if you have a black bag already. The elastic gives the 1st bag an edge. If you're in need of a more basic black bag then go with the 3rd one.