Help! which Spy should i get???

  1. hello ladies!:nuts: i really need your help... my aunt and my mom are going to milan this weekend and they promised they'd get me a Spy:love: :love: :love: as a present. i'm 5'7. do you think it'd look "right" for me?
    now, the question is... which color and style? please advise me and if you can please post pics of your own Spy...
  2. Yes! I think the spy would look fantastic on you! Although I am not a huge spy fan, and there are tons of experts here, I really like the honey and petrol.
  3. I think the honey or the chocolate Spy 8br511 size.
  4. I don't know much about spy bags but this one caught my eye!

  5. How exciting!! I love the spy bag and I can't get enough of it.:love:

    I have dark brown spy and I love mine so very much! I will try to post pics tonight since I am at work now.:biggrin:
  6. The spy would be great ! I really like the white colour, and also the metallic one (in the white-gold colour), they're gorgeous !
  7. i think the petrol is gorgeous!
    does anyone know if petrol is still available or is it sold out?
  8. I am not sure if its sold, but I think there was one in the Marketplace for sale not too long ago. (Petrol)
  9. yea i had seen one in the marketplace but it sold :sad: there had been one on ebay that i was watching but the persons feedback wasn't that established and i didn't feel comfortable. oh well i guess the hunt is still on! haha
  10. I have a cognac spy and I absolutely love:love: it! It's a very versatile color ... it goes with everything. Here's some pics:
  11. I really like honey and petrol too

  12. i saw this bag in Paris last October. The SA at Fendi told me I was lucky because a lady had ordered it but changed her mind so they had one in store, so I asked to see it and fell in love... it has beading with svarowskis and pearls all over, a real beauty! unfortunately I couldn't afford the 3,500 euro price so it never left the store with me... aaah... we could be so happy together, me and the tulle spy!!!!

    i know some people don't like this one but it took out the princess in me!

    as for the petrol one, i really love it but i don't know if they also did it this year...?
  13. I :love: :love: :love: this Spy!!!!!!! I drool everytime I see a picture of it. But, if I were to ever get this Spy I would keep it in a glass case because I would be too scared of taking it out and ruining it.

    My choice of colors would be either Chocolate or Honey.
  14. I have the black one and am using it today...LOVE!!! I just figured for the amount I spent on it..Black was the way to go as it would go with anything...Liking the brown one too...though!!!!Look at my bag showcase for a pic.
    PS- I am almost 5'7 too...perfect on me!
  15. oh Jill this is great! we also think alike! this is the reason why i got my MJ Stam in black...i like and stick to the classics!!!! so i already have a new black bag... i would love a pale color... honey seems a good choice, but i'd also like to explore the option of a fabric Spy... Not the logo one, though... maybe the denim?