Help - which shoulder bag do I want?


Which shoulder bag will go the distance?

  1. Classic Signature shoulder bag

  2. Signature Stripe shoulder bag

  3. Wait and see what's to come...

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  1. hehehe...If I'm gonna fork out over $300 for a bag...I better know what I'm getting into...right?

    I really want to get a shoulder bag...would love to be able to find one at the outlet...or a deal on eBay...but would like to get your opinion on "durability" first...

    Classic Signatuer Stripe
    [​IMG] or [​IMG]

    Now...I LOVE the large CC pattern on the signature stripe...however I think the "classic" one will be more durable (as it has a leather bottom)

    Opinions? Comments?

    Also - I love the khaki/chestnut in the first one...but it's not readily available at the stores around here...might that mean the color is going away?


    do I wait and see what comes out in the next few I JUST bought a duffle bag and I have a Hamptons Tote I haven't even USED yet because it's still like 40degrees out here...
  2. I voted for the first.
  3. i voted for the stripe
  4. I have 2 of the classic signature totes and I love them!! I also have it in the denim patchwork tote. This is a great bag - definitely one of my favorite styles. I bought a chocolate on chocolate signature one at an outlet 2 weeks ago. They had afew more even one with the vachetta leather (it was cute)!!! Too light for me I thought so i got the chocolate.
  5. I vote for the classic. I have the chocolate signature in it and love it. I love the leather bottom. I am not so scared with setting it down like some of my other bags that have the fabric bottom. Good luck. They are a great style!!!
  6. This was exactly my concern! Thanks!

    you know..I HAD this bag in my hand at an outlet...but I also had the rare find of a leagacy shoulder naturally I bought the legacy shoulder bag! Maybe I'll have to start scouring the outlets again for one...
  7. I vote for the first one! Can't go wrong with Classic!
  8. I like the first one! :yes:
  9. I vote for the first one.
  10. I voted wait and see...
  11. I voted for the first one - I have it in camel leather and it's a great bag. The leather bottom will make it more durable if you want to use it as an eveyday bag.
  12. I voted for the first because of the leather bottom. I love the 2nd one but having the leather bottom makes the first more durable. But if you found the 2nd one at the outlet and not the first, then I'd still go for it!! That is, if it's a great price!
  13. how about the new carly in canvas? i bet those are just gorgeous!!!
  14. I voted for the first one!
  15. I like the sig stripe. just don't get it monogrammed. I don't like how it is screen printed on and not sewn.