Help!!!! Which should I get?!?!

  1. Okay, I am in a Coach predicament.. go figure :rolleyes:
    I have purchased the Carly several times in different colors, etc and always end up returning or selling for different reasons.. squeaky, sloppy, etc. I hate to love or love to hate that bag.. I always want it and I can never get it out of my mind!!!! I had a Chelsea large hobo that I loved and it had a couple of stitches coming out of the bottom.. took it into Coach they said no problem, it would be fixed easy... just called (it's been about a month) and they informed me my bag was not fixable and I have a credit for the price of that bag with tax. ($316.63) So, I was kind of bummed but then thought why should I be because I can still order the same bag brand new OR get something else.. like a Carly... and they said I dont' have to wait for the letter, so the even better thing is I can use it during pce!!! :yahoo: So.. question is, should I get the Chelsea again or should I go for it and get a Carly? The colors I am considering are chocolate siggy, khaki/black siggy, or khaki/chocolate siggy. :shrug: Thanks so much for all your help!!! :tup:


  2. I find the Carly to be a more attractive bag, but that won't matter at all to you if it isn't convenient for you to use. Would a purse insert or organizer help to make it less sloppy? I don't think it looks at all sloppy being carried - the slouch is very fashionable - but I can see where the inside would be hard to manage. Good luck on your decision!
  3. I really love the Carly best.:love:
  4. hhhmmm it's not so much the things inside, I really don't carry much.. I just have had times I thought the slouch looked kind of sloppy but I have come to love that look and don't think that so much anymore. A big thing with the Chelsea is the nickel hardware and the turnlock and getting in/out of it while it is on my arm are all big positives.. but the Carly gets me everytime :love:
    Which color Carly would you guys get? :shrugs:
  5. Personally I like this one much better.
  6. If you have returned the Carly before dont get it because youll just end up returning it again. Just look in the store and grab the first thing you want.
  7. If you really loved the Chelsea and think you'll miss it, then get another one. If you do go to the Carly either chocolate siggy or khaki/chocolate siggy are the two I :heart: most! Good luck :tup:
  8. The chocolate one!!!! Of course!!! :smile:
  9. oh you just made my heart sink, i sent my blue sig. stripe reversable tote in for the same thing...... i hope they can fix it, I LOVEEEE the blue :sad:
  10. I"m a Carly girl too!!!
  11. My mom had a duffle that had the stitching loose and they are fixing hers :shrugs: Only real difference was her stitching was on the top and mine was on the bottom.. I hope they can fix yours!!! :yes:
  12. hi fieldsinspring!! i have the carly and love it!! you know what get both!! go for it you deserve it!!! throw caution to the wind!!! go ahead!!! hehehe!!!
  13. If you're really sure that you won't end up returning it again, then I think the chocolate siggie is best. Otherwise, I'd get the same bag again since you loved it so much! I like how the Chelsea hobo looks actually! (I know, I'm the odd ball!)
  14. you're not an odd ball!! I love my chelsea hobo, sooooooooo much more than the carly

  15. I wish :p Thanks though, it was fun to pretend!!! :drool::roflmfao: