Help - which should be my year-end aspiration?

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  1. Hi all

    I'm planning for my year-end present for myself and I'm wondering which should be my aspiration for this year?

    1) Longchamp Heritage (Large)
    I'm a big LC fan. I like the fact that it's economical and the quality is very high comparing to amount of money you spend. The Heritage is very classic and I really like the look. However, I feel like the bag might be to bulky.

    2) Mulberry New Bayswater
    I think I might be the odd one out, but I REALLY like the new version of Bayswater. The design is very sharp. Also like the fact that you can push the ear back in and it would look like a normal Bayswater; however, if you push the ear out the sillhouette is also quite chic.

    3) YSL Sac De Jour (Large)
    The simplicity is amazing. However, the price tag is also quite high...

    Which one should I gun for?
  2. The mulberry Bayswater is really nice and I don't know why you would be the odd one from the supposed consensus. Pushing the ear back in or out gives it more versatility. Two in 1 as far as I'm concerned. Happy choosing
  3. I meant that a lot of diehard Mulberry fans hate the new Bays hence I might be the "odd" one that love the new design ;)
  4. Mostly is disliked because resembles every other popular brand bag.
    Rather than looking uniquely mulberry. And smelling great. With tree logo.
    Also disliked, because of new designer's thoughtless comments about classic bays. Which many own & love.

    If you like celine, will like new mulb designs.
    But, celine has nicer leather now, imo.
    No wrong. :smile:

    Happy hunting.
  5. i like the ysl best out of those options.
  6. I'm a big Longchamp fan too, but I wouldn't buy the Le Pliage heritage. For me, the shape is too weird and awkward, but that's JMO. Practically, though, I think the design is also a pain to get in and out of. For a higher end Longchamp, I'd get a Roseau Heritage instead -- very classic and looks easier to use.
  7. I so agree

    If it ain't broke...

    ...and I prefer the tree, it's the Mulberry tree. Anyone who doesn't know that is not a person you'd care about not knowing and those that do know are not the kind of people you'd need to impress :sunnies
  8. As you can guess I'm not a big fan of the New Bays but it does hold a lap-top better, however I think the SLP SDJ is the best bet, fashionable but not the obviously and 'it' bag
  9. ♡ :smile:
  10. I guess it will come down to how my bonus is like then. If it's good then I will get YSL, if not then the Bays haha

    I do wish that the classic bay has the similar leather though. I love the Bays with the ears tugged in, but the classic leather is way too soft...
  11. If you want structure, then an old style (aka the real) Bays with a felt organizer might be a good choice?
    Out of the ones on your list, I'd get the SDJ. It's the only one that seems practical.
    I find it a bit funny/weird that I'd give my vote to the SL, since I'm a die hard Longchamp fan and used to LOVE Mulberry, but the LP Heritage doesn't do anything for me and I think the only good use for the new Bays would be to smack the dimwit who designed it. LC Roseau Heritage and Penelope on the other hand do tempt me quite a bit!
  12. I vote for the SDJ! I'm not a fan of the Longchamp and Mulberry new Bayswater design - I think it looks out of proportion with the ears out.
  13. The LC heritage is kind of bulky for its shape but definitely the least expensive.

    So it would be the SDJ or Mulberry vote for me.

    Doesn't the SDJ go on sale sometimes? It sometimes is seen at discount retailers like Saks off Fifth and TJ Maxx as well.
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