Help!! Which SCARF to go w/ VIVA CITE GM?


Which Scarf to go w/ the Monogram VIVA CITE GM?

  1. dentelle scarf

  2. stephen sprouse red scarf

  3. denim scarf in blue

  4. other, please suggest for me

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  1. hi everyone! i need your help!! i just ordered the monogram viva cite gm (finally after many years of wanting it) and i want to tie a scarf onto it. which one would you guys suggest?! i'm so torn right now between a few of them. :shrugs:

    i dress pretty casual but edgy and this is for daily use as well.

    TIA for all your help + suggestions!!!
  2. Blue Denim!
  3. What about the Sprouse leopard scarf?
  4. red would look hott!!
  5. Dentelle b/c of the monogram, and leopard sprouse b/c it reminds me the interior of the vivacité! i have the second one and i totally love it!!
  6. thanks for the feedback so far everyone!

    nat007: the denim would be so nice w/ the brown monogram color!
    valleyoppressed / rinstar 311: i know...the red leopard is tdf! and i think would give the bag a nice punch.
    xLaux: the dentelle is great but i was afraid it would be too matchy matchy? the leopard (like yours) is really eyecatching!! i'm veering towards that too.

    i was wondering if the groom red or yellow bandeau would work as well?

    anyone? :shrugs:
  7. stephen sprouse is prettiest and compliments the mono best out of the ones listed.
  8. What about Red Monogram Groom bandeau or even the rose etoile! Thats beautiful!
  9. Sprouse Red gets my vote.
  10. girl i've given it thought. as much as i was pushing dentelle, i'm gonna agree with these girls. i think the red leopard scarf would look amazing!!!
  11. IMO, the denim scarf looks better worn on the body than on a bag.

    for a bag, i'd go for the love scarf.
  12. noegirl05: i will definitely need to try out the etoile in the store on the bag. unfortunately my LV doesn't have the groom bandeaus anymore! boooo! :s

    liberte / louislovesfendi818: i saw it last week in the store - just the silk bandana size that's not sheer but love the red and the print! i think i'm heading in that direction! i typically do not love leopard print but that one is so cool + abstract...i'm totally coveting it.

    ichelle: i think i will have to really consider the stephen sprouse scarf now. i think the red will rock the mono print! the dentelle will prolly sink into the background. too bad no more grooms at the store to try it out though. i think i need to go to my LV to fondle a silver dentelle speedy now. haha.

    kaye: hmmm..never thought of love....are you talking about the white/tan one? or am i thinking of the wrong scarf? thanks for the suggestion + help!
  13. lol :roflmfao::woohoo: oh you.
    the red will look very yummy! :yes:
  14. dentelle or stephen sprouse
  15. Ooh congrats! I have this bag and it's just dying to be decorated lol. I'd go with one of the Groom bandeaus, they hang really nicely!