Help - Which Ramona - Camel Smooth Calf or Tan Biker & Watersnake trim???

  1. I can't decide between the two - bought both in the sales and need to return one, unfortunately. :sad: (smooth camel was 30% off and tan biker was 50% off) This is my first Ramona and I want to be able to wear it for a while! Which gets your vote??? :confused1:
    camel.jpg biker.jpg
  2. Both are beautiful! For me I would go with the camel, I think its more classic. Either will be great though!
  3. Thanks Jayjay77! That was my original choice, but then I saw the tan biker one which was $400 cheaper on sale! So very confused!! classic wearability vs. money saved???
  4. Both are great colors but I love the tan biker - has more of an edge to it. Which color would you wear the most?
  5. Tough one... I love the camel color and the smooth leather, but I think tan could be more versatile. I love the watersnake trim, it gives the bag more character and edge. I think tan could more easily be dressed down if needed.

    Both are classic and beautiful, you really cannot go wrong with this one. Please let us know when you make your choice!
  6. I would go for the camel one, although I have an insane reason for it - I'm afraid of anything that has snake on it! I do have a good reason for the smooth calf one - I think it's more classic.
  7. I vote for the tan biker....because I ordered one yesterday! :graucho:
    In my opinion, the smooth camel is more conservative and classy, but the tan biker one is different and edgy yet it's still versatile and classy enough to dress up or down with it. Either one is gorgeous!!
  8. Keep them both:graucho:

    Seriously, I would be more likely to keep the camel one if you dress up more for work and going out. If you are more like me and casual I would recommend the tan biker:yes: not to mention the savings (you could get a wallet)
    One final note that would help me make the decision, I find the distressed leather bags are lighter in weight. One big factor for me when going out for any length of time and know I am going to be carrying my bag

    Good luck and let us know what you decide:wlae:
  9. I vote for the tan biker
  10. I love the leather and trim on the tan biker....I ordered the bugundy Riki biker bag from the sale and can't wait to get it (tracking it nearly every hour)!

    But as others have said, the Camel does look dressier while the Camel is more casual looking.

    They're both gorgeous, I think you're going to have a tough decision when you have them both in your possession! :drool: Can't wait to hear what you decide after you receive them both!
  11. OOPS! I meant to say the Camel is dressier while the TAN is more casual looking! :rolleyes:
  12. I have the Camel Leather....I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I get a ton of compliments everywhere I go. I vote camel :tup:
  13. I vote for tan!!!
  14. Thanks everyone for all your insight!!! You all made some excellent points about style!:tup:

    HOWEVER -:cursing: I just received the camel smooth leather one and it has a small nick in the leather on the top of one of the straps and a small dark brown dot on the side of the bag!! I was leaning more towards that one as i tend to dress up for work and have a classic look - but now??? I wonder if the smooth leather is very suseptible to damage?? Anyone know?? (In fact this is the 2nd one I received and the 1st one I sent back had a nick and some small dots too!)

    Ellebar- Does your camel one have some small black/brown spots on the leather?
  15. I vote for the camel but since it is damaged maybe they will give you some more off.