Help! Which purse should I get?!?

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  1. I recently got a new job and with my first paycheck I'm almost positive that I'm going to treat myself to a new purse ... but I'm having a hard time deciding which one to get!!

    These are the ones I'm deciding between...

    - Carly Sig in Black

    - Carly Sig in Brass/Khaki/Saddle

    - Sig Stripe Reversible Tote in Crimson

    - Sig Stripe Tote in Silver/Black/Gunmetal

    And maybe something Bleecker... but I haven't really seen much of it in person. I'm setting my price limit between $450-$500.. I like most purses out right now (not a big ergo person though)

    Anyway... any suggestions or opinions are welcome!!! :tup:
  2. Oh my definitely the Carly Sig. in Khaki/saddle!!!! I LOVE that combo!!!!
  3. I think you can't go wrong with either of the Carly you mentioned!
  4. Some other choices that are along the lines of what you listed...would be the Carly sig in khaki with black trim. Very versatile with a little bit of black and brown. If you're ok with satchels, the Chelsea satchel in black sig is a great looking bag. :tup: Have fun shopping! Let us know what you decide!:yes:[​IMG]

  5. I love it too!! I've been lusting after it for quite some time actually haha :girlsigh:
  6. I'm beginning to lean towards a Carly... and then I can join the club hahaha! :p:yahoo:
  7. Wow! Thanks for the great suggestions!!! I'm unsure as to how I feel about the Carly with black trim... I think it might be something I need to see in person... hmmm... and I kind of want something I can throw over my shoulder, but that satchel is pretty yummy!! :drool:
  8. I vote Carly Kakhi/Saddle. I had a hard time deciding between my all chocolate and the kakhi/saddle combo (the purple lining is FAB)!! Good luck deciding!
  9. I say Carly Khaki/Saddle. It's so pretty
  10. I'm going against the grain and going to say Bleecker! I like the look of the Carly but it hurt my shoulder. Lots of gals carry it and have no issues though! Anyway, I like the bleecker large flap. I like it in signature better than leather. Let us know what you get!
  11. Ohhh yeah!!! She's a beautiful bag!!!!
  12. I vote for the Carly Sig in Black...very subtle and versatile!
  13. Wow, I vote for the Carly.