Help...Which ones to keep?

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  1. So I went a little PCE crazy and now I found a Purple croc Audrey with matching zip around wallet at the outlet:nuts:...something has to go back in order for me to get it.:crybaby: Will it be Black Croc Maggie?....or Teal Brynne?...or Gray croc Audrey with matching zip around wallet?....or keep what I have and pass on the purple Audrey? Your replies will be greatly appriciated!
  2. Okay, this is a hard one. I'd say if you get the purple Audrey set, that you would want to give up the Gray Audrey set....but that's just me. Good luck!
  3. The Brynnes are starting to show up at the outlet.
  4. I agree with this. The purple is sooo much prettier IMHO too. Good luck and they are all great choices.
  5. Do you all think that purple will go with alot?
  6. BB - What a difficult decision. I go to the mall quite a bit and often walk thru the Coach store to chat and check out the bags. The purple croc Audrey is the only bag that always caught my eye. It is just beautiful. I have this "fear" of buying colored bags (lol) and I regret not taking the risk. Good luck with your decision!
  7. More accurate feedback you will get if you please put pics here.
  8. Yes..please post pics...!! :woohoo:
  9. I would also give up the gray croc set. The gray is a pretty color too, but you just need to decide which one you want more. The gray is also hitting the outlets as well, although my outlet only had the zip around wallet and the Maggie. No Audrey. And I agree the Brynnes are coming soon too.
  10. I'd be wary of the brynnes going to outlet. Wait til you find one before returning. I asked my outlet manger and she said of the raisin (I know you had the teal, but I doubt there's that much difference) that only 4 are going to outlets: California, Tennessee, Texas and I think somewhere in New England. Otherwise they are returns... I didn't have her check the gunmetal, the metallic or the python though... Hope this helps!
  11. Get the purple, it's gorgeous! Return the gray.

    Good luck deciding!
  12. I bought a raisin Brynne at my outlet tonight.
  13. I would probably return one of the Audrey sets, if you HAVE to return something.

    Personally, I love purple so that would be my keeper but I guess for you it would depend on which one you think you'd get the most use out of. If you want a neutral, keep the gray. But if you want a pop of color, keep the lovely purple!
  14. I'd return the gray Audrey set, too, it's beautiful but the purple is more unique IMO and harder to find.
  15. I would say Keep the Gray Croc Audrey!!! I think she looks more Taupe than Gray. You could always get the Purple Croc wallet and or large Capacity wristlet!

    Good Luck with your decision!!!

    Lynne :biggrin: