Help! Which one?

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  1. I like the black BUT it's wool! Blah. It's friggin 4300! That's loony for wool
    Or step out of my comfort zone and do leopard


  2. Thats a lot of money for something that is really trendy...

    I don't know if I could pull of leapard in that size... maybe in the baby, but I don't think it would be a bag I would use enough to get my $$ worth out of it...
  3. I ADORE the black, But really I would say neither it's not worth it and I'm not keen on the leopard, Maybe something that style in vernis or epi?
  4. You're right. I don't love them
    I like the leopard but not a fan of the wool. The leopard is 2700 I think
  5. Yeah that's true. I can get a few things for the price of that
    I don't do leopard. I could but ehh. Ugh
  6. If I had to pick between the 2, I would say black but I agree it'd not worth the money
  7. Neither :sad: for that price, I'd get the SC pm in black or cherry :smile:
  8. I agree.
  9. Oooooo cherry. I like that color
  10. It's my HG bag. If you can get it, I'd go for it! It's so pretty and nice leather :smile:
  11. Maybe a speedy empreinte? The leopard does not scream LV to me, it looks sort of like other bags I have seen out lately.
  12. I would say neither but if I had to chose, I would pick the Leopard. For $4300, I rather get a Mahina.
  13. I agree
  14. Thank you so much
  15. I love the leopard, myself even if both were the se price love the leopard. I'm not huge for animal print but the bag is stunning in person