Help.... which one?

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Which one should I get?

  1. silver/silver carly

  2. silver/silver brooke

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. So I can't decide! Which bag should I get? I want some silver siggie..I don't own either one of these styles and I have never tried either one on. I LOVE the inside of the carly and don't know what colour the inside of the brooke is. Probably lavendar. They are the same price... I already bought the carly and then started pondering brooke. I could always buy brooke too and decide when they both get here? Which do you like better??

    Silver/silver medium carly


    or silver/silver brooke?

  2. Hmmmm, that's a tough one. I think I like the looks of the carly better. With the side straps it just adds a little something. One thing to consider though, I think the regular brooke is bigger than the medium carly.
  3. hmmmmm I think that it is a little bigger...
  4. i like carly more!
  5. How about a silver sig glam tote from poppy line? Least it's in the outlets!
  6. I have the silver/silver Carly and I LOVE it! I got it when they first arrived at the outlets. And if my memory serves me correctly the lining is a very pretty green color!
  7. hmm I like the carly :O)
  8. Most definitely sticking w/the old school... carly!
  9. yes it is a beautiful lime green! see above^ Do you have any modeling pics?

    I'm tempted to just buy both and decide once they get here. Bunny, I just don't love poppy. I tried, I bought the spotlight, carried it once and decided that it wasn't for me. I sold it. I think maybe it's just the poppy patch even... it just looks cheap to me.
  10. Sorry, I actually haven't taken any pics of my bags yet, (I need to do this!). But I can assure you it is very comfortable to wear. I am a total shoulder bag girl and this one works perfectly for me.
  11. i love the carly but would be scared it would fray like the rest of them
  12. if it frays it frays:sad: I'm sure coach would do something for me down the road. I love the style enough to take the plunge.
  13. I am going to go against the flow and say brooke. I have the metalic brooke and love it.I love how you can use the shoulder strap or the short straps on you arm. I don;t know what the lining is on the silver but mine has a deep purple (not the lavender) lining. The olny draw back is no d ring.
  14. I think I like the Brooke...
  15. i like both...