Help! Which one??


Which one? Help!

  1. Fendi Baby Spy in Choc

  2. Fendi Spy in Black

  3. Gucci Abbey in Black

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  1. Fendi baby Spy bag in Choc.

    Fendy Spy bag in Black

    Gucci Abbey in black
  2. :wlae:
  3. Chocolate brown is such a beautiful, rich color (and so hot for fall) you really can't go wrong! That's my pick :smile:
  4. black Spy
  5. black spy! Can be used ALL the time on any occasion! Timeless and easy to use colour.
  6. The choc without a doubt!
  7. I have to agree with the choc.
  8. Black Spy!!! Unless of course you upgrade to a Choc Spy instead of the baby spy which case.. CHOCOLATE spy!!!
  9. Black Spy! It looks gorgeous and would go with anything.
  10. i can't decide between the two Spies, although i do agree that if you get the Chocolate Spy, get the regular one instead of the Baby Spy :yes: