Help Which One


Which Purse


  2. Carly top handle pouch

  3. other(please specify)

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  1. I just got invited to the PCE event so i wanted to know which bag to get
  2. Congrats on your invite! I voted carly because I am a fan and proud owner.
  3. great thanks that is what i am leaning towards
  4. I voted Carly but in the medium size. Not too large or too small and absolutely adorable!
  5. thanks
  6. i voted carly. i mean . . . c'mon it's a carly!
  7. I vote for the Carly pouch. I have one and I love it!!
  8. Another vote for the carly!!
  9. I'm partial to the Carly's. I still haven't bought one, but I am always admiring them in the boutiques.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  10. I love them both, but I just LOVE the indigo patchwork!
  11. OH GOD I just love the little Carly trim on that cute little bag. (Guess which one I just voted for?)

    I'm not a small-bag person, seeing as how I'm not a small person AND I have a kid, so I lug lots of stuff. But if I could swing a small bag, this would stand a good chance of being my choice.
  12. I love all Carlys -- so the Carly pouch it is!
  13. carly
  14. OMG I love both, but I voted Carly. Bc, well, it's a carly! :smile:
  15. i love the carly but now i am trying to decide which size