HELP! which one to pick!

  1. OK. i've made up my mind. I'm gonna wait till Paris.
    The thing is that they only have one Riveting left. They can keep it for me till end of July if I pay a small amount foreward.

    I just bought the Horizontal Lockit just 2 days ago!
    I can't decide between the Tulum GM or the Riveting!
    Both are sooo nice! and the Tulum GM i can make the strap longer or shorter....

    Help me pick!!
  2. I vote for the rivetting.It's much prettier compared to the tulum.
  3. Riveting. I don't really like the Tulum at all though.
  4. Riveting for certain, no doubt here!
  5. Definitely get the riveting....such a pretty and different bag!
  6. Riveting is gorgeous!
  7. Riveting! It has the magic words- limited edition
  8. Riveting vote here.
  9. riv riv rivetting! :smile:
  10. Riveting.. return the lockit if you have too. its going to be around for a while and give you time to save if needed. the revieting is finished and what is left is all there is, unless you go to eBay.. i say get it.
  11. I want to keep the Lockit. I love it and i'm sure i'm gonna buy one of the two bags. Just don't know which one.
    I know Riveting is just limited edition so indeed it's best to buy it now while i can since the Tulum is gonna be there for a while...