Help! Which one? OLYMPE style???

  1. Hi! My hubby's planning to get me one or the other so I'd like your help to think which is better?

    Between the stratus pm (don't really like the thick handles)


    the Cirrus (does this look 'aged')?????
  2. Stratus!
  3. I have the stratus PM In beige and I love it.:tup:
  4. Stratus! I was a little worried about the straps at first, but I havent found them to be a problem.
  5. I have the stratus PM and love it ... I do like the look of the cirrus too but found when I tried it on that the 2 clasp pieces dug into me:push:
  6. STRATUS.. it's an exectional bag
  7. i would choose the stratus!